Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rats off to ya! Just some ran-dumb crap.

Well, I have no pics of rats to join in on the TSP Ratstravaganza that is going on over at and right now. I certainly have SEEN hundreds of rats in the trash bags by the bathrooms in the park and some even out during the day just running around eating leftover food. If the park were kept a little cleaner with people throwing out their trash I guess it could help. It doesn't bother me too much. They are scared of people and are not going to eat anyone's damn baby at the playground. Unless their leader demands a sacrifice so their crops will grow next year. That is understandable.

AnyRat, been trying to play a lot of gigs and been busy hanging out with Aline Crumb and seeing movies and doing fun stuff every day. There are SO many shows and pilots filming right now..I apply for extra work on them all but with the tats and hair I only get called when they need "east village" "freaky artsy" types. I think I could do well in some weird type film like a Harmony Korine one but I got no connections. I am but a lowly extra...however I did make some connections in Italy and will be spending two months in Europe next summer and if anyone knows of any festivals that would like my band or places to play at, feel free to write me. The more paying gigs we get, the longer we can stay. Any kind of pay at all. I will go there and sell authentic NYC rats if need be. is the tagged van with weird dirty shit written all over it I see parked everywhere..Then the awesome troll hat that I got as a belated birthday gift from my friend Emily..

I attended whiskey Friday at The Onion offices..Here is Joe Garden with his Hair Mug. If you come and drink you donate a lock of hair to it. I did so, and the other hair glued to it is probably scared of my bad hair which resembles wooly mammoth pubes. I love The Onion..So damn funny..Then I like this one of me with huge packing corn. At least I am taller than something!

Friday, July 22, 2011

More Italy pics simply to make you all jealous. Hey, I'm honest about it!

Here are some more pics from Italy...Hoping to book lotsa gigs there and around there...and stay for the whole summer next year. I want to see more of Europe! I need some leads and connections to get some gigs, especially on the festival circuit. Bands play every weekend in some towns and villages in Spain, France, Italy all summer. They seem to love American music and old timey stuff.

It's VERY hot in this city now. I like it though. I am a "summer" person and it sure feels like summer out there right now! And sort of like hades! Whatever. I'm tan and if I ignore skin cancer it will go away!

Very sad about Mars bar closing...wondering where all the regulars are going now. I haven't checked out any likely substitute bars yet. Been too busy and not drinking that much. Aline Crumb is in town and between that, working, practicing for gigs and trying to do as much summer roaming and adventuring as I can fit in-I have not had too much alcohol in my system. Hangovers do suck when it's 100 degrees out...Think we will be playing in Vermont next..after a gig or two at Jalopy Theatre.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A brief and sad interlude between italy pics. Mars Bar RIP.

Mars bar is officially closed now. I am so glad i went last night and had a blast with my friends: Tim Shea, Amy, Juggernut and others. I will try to find some pics now to upload as I didn't take any last night. It was a fun, mellow evening with a vibe of "this is the end" in the air for some reason and I enjoyed every minute of it. I will miss this place more than any normal person should miss a bar considering I don't much care for bars really..but this one was special!
NYC just became a lot more boring.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back from Itlay! Lotsa pics coming. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

So, I am unfortunately back already from Europe..wanted and hoped to stay longer but alas..we did make some connections and may spend all of next spring and part of summer playing gigs all over Italy and other places..Had a great time, played fun gigs with R. Crumb and saw a beautiful beach. I am now ten shades darker then when I left NYC. And 6lbs fatter though I am losing it fast..I missed the gym when I was gone. How weird!

Here are the first set of pics..some nice B & W's someone took of us..

I shall have many more pics and the most boring videos of my trip ever. Including but not limited to me petting cats, and stopping at a service station for Nutella and coffee. How will you stand the suspense of waiting for this gold?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last blog for a little while..

I am leaving to go play s few gigs in Northern Italy..Ameno Blues Festival..with Crumb..and then hanging out there for a bit..No more posts for about two weeks! So I leave you with this hodgepodge of pics that have nothing to do with each other.First some graffiti at Mars Bar...I hope they are open past the 15th when I get back..Then during the screening of Raging Bull in Tompkins..Freaking Don King was there introducing the film. He went on for about 45 minutes and it made no sense at all. I love him!

Then some art at Mars and evil voodoo magic behind Horsetrade Theatre on St Marks. I love that gargoyle... The place is in jeopardy, just like everything else I like in can donate online to help them stay open.

Then I saw that the piano is still in Tompkins Square Park being enjoyed by everyone. And last but not least, the gayest hardware store around! I will be blogging again in a few weeks..Til then my friends, enemies, and stalkers! I love you all! When I get back I plan to take acting classes and apply for every damn job out there so I can leave again as soon as possible! I know I leave town at the end of August for sure..Hoping to get some gigs and go down south and also to Vermont for a few days in August.