Friday, July 22, 2011

More Italy pics simply to make you all jealous. Hey, I'm honest about it!

Here are some more pics from Italy...Hoping to book lotsa gigs there and around there...and stay for the whole summer next year. I want to see more of Europe! I need some leads and connections to get some gigs, especially on the festival circuit. Bands play every weekend in some towns and villages in Spain, France, Italy all summer. They seem to love American music and old timey stuff.

It's VERY hot in this city now. I like it though. I am a "summer" person and it sure feels like summer out there right now! And sort of like hades! Whatever. I'm tan and if I ignore skin cancer it will go away!

Very sad about Mars bar closing...wondering where all the regulars are going now. I haven't checked out any likely substitute bars yet. Been too busy and not drinking that much. Aline Crumb is in town and between that, working, practicing for gigs and trying to do as much summer roaming and adventuring as I can fit in-I have not had too much alcohol in my system. Hangovers do suck when it's 100 degrees out...Think we will be playing in Vermont next..after a gig or two at Jalopy Theatre.


  1. NIce photos! ...I'll refrain from my usual humorous approach to commentary (but, believe you me, if I hadn't, you would've spent days in side-splitting laughter!) and just say that that tub of Nutella® is plain big! I mean it's huge! I'm talking vaginormous! Why, it's a veritable barrel of Nutella®!

  2. Never been to continental Europe but if I went I think I'd do it the way you are. Great stuff Eden keep the pics coming!

  3. I really just needed that one pic of that huge Nutella® to sum uo thw entire trip! It's all I thought about! I want to do keg stands with it..and i'm not sharing with anyone!
    Brett..I am picturing what jokes you would make..insanely good ones..but all I can think about is rubbing Nutella® on that mangy cat the hair will grow back..

  4. I don't know which is more hilarious, that huge Nutella jar or that bizarre looking "cat thing" on the railing!

  5. Nice. Is that a photo of Positano above??If so did you eat at the outdoor wood burning pizza place there??Glad you had a great time.