Monday, August 29, 2011

Downed trees getting chopped up and removed..RIP La Plaza Willow.

Well, here are some somewhat fun but mainly depressing videos I took today while wandering around the LES. The sad ones are the willow tree in La Plaza which fell..that thing was so old and beautiful..very sad. Other are of the big tree in the center of Tompkins that fell on the grass..took them a while to chop and remove it.
The amusing ones are my new obsession with the rats in the park. One had a huge chunk of bread and was really trying hard not to share with the others..who were NOT having it. It was a tug of war and a test of wills. Did it symbolize our struggle with life? Our fight against our baser instincts? Oh, who cares. Rats are cool, bitches!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rats Gone Wild! Caught on Tape!

Hello survivors of HurriLame Nyc 2011! I just went out and walked around in the balmy breeze and took a few shots..Some restaurant was taking the tape off their windows..Ray's is open, 7A and many non-chain eateries. I even found a sushi place open! If I get food poisoning at least I will lose that damn 6 lbs I can't seem to shake.
That bus that says Hurricane Shelter was on my street by the 9th precinct for much of the night. It seemed to be empty. I did not see a stripper pole or anything. The cops did seem to be very pretty busy last night..I guess a lot of calls came in for help.
BUT check out the amazing rat footage I took outside of tompkins square park! They are out in broad daylight partying down! People passing by were shocked how close the rats were to Avenue A..The park still being closed had all of its creatures out and about..Ahhh.nature!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pics of lovely Rhode Island while I wait for the storm...

Well, I am back from Rhode Island all relaxed and tan and feeling good. Almost every day was a great beach day up until they told us to leave due to the weather coming in. Those days would have been a bit dull it was perfect. Friday was the nicest beach day there and we left at 9pm that night. This was a nice ending to a freaking fun summer..
So here are some pics from is good to be back before this storm hits if it even does. Right now it is just raining and a bit windy. Here's a video even of the water there as it got choppier on the last night..
I got HBO stuff taped and SATAN will be forcing me to watch the VMA's tomorrow and make a running, very mean, bitter profanity laden commentary through the entire thing! I applied for extra BG work for the whole week figuring everyone is out of town but me! Do I get union Hurricane pay? Wet pay seems a little weak..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tiara at her Legends of a Feather Show at USM Theater.

Here are a few videos of Lucky Chengs drag queen Tiara at her show at Under St Marks Theater put on by John Murdock as part of his Legends of a Feather showcases. She told pretty amazing stories about her childhood, her time in the military and..the infamous TIger Show story! It was an amusing yet very touching night as Tiara thanked her friends at family at Chengs and told everyone to simply love and be themselves and they will be happy...The awesome photos of Tiara are by the lovely Brooke McGowan.
I am leaving now for Rhode Island for about a week..I need a vacation from my vacation in NYC I guess..Be back on next week!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jesus and the prayer station at Tompkins.

So...some Jesus freaks were out at Tompkins Square the other day. All day. All DAMN day! Live music, info, a prayer station and a freaking insane play about a girl turning to Jesus then being seduced by demons. Jesus beat up Satan and damn, I only had my iphone to record a bit of it with. Tonight is Rosemary's Baby for the free film in the park night which I have noticed is getting drunker and rowdier. Isn't that ironic? Har.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

These pics are just weird. Plus, I hate Facebook.

Well, I tried to upload some pretty photos I took in Vermont but blogger is not letting me. Much like facebook which annoyed me all week. My cell number was on display and I got weird texts from strangers, everyone I had blocked became unblocked(well about 3 people), and I couldn't send email or IM people. First world problems, but nonetheless, annoying as shit.
But blogger DID let me upload these simply INCREDIBLE pics from my phone!
The first is my fave...some troll graffiti that is cropping up all over the place..look at the detail! It looks just like me in the morning.Then I thought this frozen pizza was funny that I saw in Italy a few weeks ago. Then a great stained glass with coper tree in it window pane my friends had in their place in Vermont.
A defaced sign which is fairly clever and proof that my friends and I are drunks from the many glasses we had of beer at Lolita bar last week. I'll be going there tonight too..Tell Your Friends comedy show is awesome. Some special guests may show up tonight. It's every tuesday at 8pm..I play it sometimes. Which means I get in FREE! The Jew in me rejoices!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Diary of an Oxygen Thief.

The above video is a promo for a novel I just finished reading. The author lives in the East Village..well Lower East Side really and I like to support local artists and authors who are creative and doing well. The book, Diary of an Oxygen Thief, was a great read. The author published it under the name Anonymous which I immediately truly do feel like you are reading someone's personal diary. An Everyman but one whom you both like and hate at the same time. Told in the first person, Anonymous is an abusive alcoholic who, in the end, gets some payback.
As a woman, you have met guys like him. As a man, maybe you have BEEN him. He's cruel yet honest. And the book is loaded with humor. At times I was cracking up, other times i was thinking "I can't wait until this guy gets his!"
The novel had a surreal feel to it for me. I read it in one sitting just about, and I, myself, felt like I was in an alcoholic haze through some parts of it..Was what the main character going through actually happening? Is he crazy/paranoid or just stating the facts? He is drunk much of the time and I felt disoriented reading it. Which is a good thing. I got my copy on Amazon and I recommend this book for anyone who has been hurt, been a hurtful person, and has dealt with alcoholism. Which is everyone I know!
The website for it is here. Support your local authors! East Fifth Bliss by Douglas Light was made into a film(I was an extra-a barfly. Ha). Maybe the same will happen for Diary of an Oxygen Thief. I can play a barfly in it like a pro!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Punk Show in Park, Plus my cat is still retarded!

So...thus far this summer has been pretty good to me. A trip to Italy, going to Vermont to play this weekend(and hike and swim with friends!), and then going to Rhode Island to beach it for a week. Then a fun music type wedding in Arizona in September...and a trip to ithaca to be in a student film hopefully! I cannot complain though I long to..I want to bitch dammit! But I even like the heat.
But all this good stuff means I have not been around much to update about local events and such. I haven't even walked by that damn Guggenheim lab thing yet and it's 4 blocks away! Is this what being an adult is like? Wah! But I went to a fun triple birthday party last night and got trashed. I recall dancing to 80's and a lot of wine.
I made it out to Tompkins today for the last part of the Riot Show..So first is a pic of a weird flyer I saw. Don't know what its about but I like conjoined anything! Then some punks in the pit during a bands set..didn't get the name of the band though I took a short video of them.
Then me having fun on the Monkey-Go-Round on thursday during free film night. Rise of the Apes sucked ass..not even worth seeing it to make fun of it..Bah!
And look! Delgado my cat is STILL dumb! And getting crazier and fatter! He will be sad i'm leaving town again soon. But it obviously does not stop him from eating that fucking fanccy feast crap he loves!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Incredibly Boring video from italy. Plus, fight crime by partying.

Okay, so I uploaded a video..a REALLY FUCKING boring video of John and I eating the staples of Italy. No, not stapler staples though i've been tempted at times..but pasta and pizza. Usually I would avoid writing about what I eat. There shall be nary a "nom nom nom" on this blog. Unless you truly make that noise when you eat then kindly shut it! But it's pizza and pasta..all we needed was some Nutella® to cap off the somewhat mediocre meal.
And...some pics I found in my phone. Have been busy with playing gigs and working and stuff..I miss wandering about and taking pics of weird shit..but that'll be happening this week IN the meantime..I went and saw Sir Paul M at Yankee Stadium and there was a lone jesus freak outside preaching about..wait for it..JESUS! Why can't he just Let It Be? Hardy. Har. Har.

Then a pic of my friend Morgan and I at the Onion cubicle party thing which was fun.

AND tomorrow is the day NO ONE has been waiting for! The Ninth Precinct's Night Out Against Crime! Actually, it's kinda fun. There is a cop on stilts and some bad band playing usually. And a grill going with burgers and hot dogs. I asked if they had any veggie options and they offered me a bun with ketchup. I got a gig tomorrow at Union Pool at The Moon Comedy Show so I will miss the cops partying. It's worth it to see the one on stilts though.