Thursday, August 11, 2011

Diary of an Oxygen Thief.

The above video is a promo for a novel I just finished reading. The author lives in the East Village..well Lower East Side really and I like to support local artists and authors who are creative and doing well. The book, Diary of an Oxygen Thief, was a great read. The author published it under the name Anonymous which I immediately truly do feel like you are reading someone's personal diary. An Everyman but one whom you both like and hate at the same time. Told in the first person, Anonymous is an abusive alcoholic who, in the end, gets some payback.
As a woman, you have met guys like him. As a man, maybe you have BEEN him. He's cruel yet honest. And the book is loaded with humor. At times I was cracking up, other times i was thinking "I can't wait until this guy gets his!"
The novel had a surreal feel to it for me. I read it in one sitting just about, and I, myself, felt like I was in an alcoholic haze through some parts of it..Was what the main character going through actually happening? Is he crazy/paranoid or just stating the facts? He is drunk much of the time and I felt disoriented reading it. Which is a good thing. I got my copy on Amazon and I recommend this book for anyone who has been hurt, been a hurtful person, and has dealt with alcoholism. Which is everyone I know!
The website for it is here. Support your local authors! East Fifth Bliss by Douglas Light was made into a film(I was an extra-a barfly. Ha). Maybe the same will happen for Diary of an Oxygen Thief. I can play a barfly in it like a pro!


  1. While I can't claim to have ever hurt anyone because of alcoholism, I can say that my heroin/coke habit back in the '80's was hurtful--mostly to myself, but I would be denying something to think I never hurt anyone else by it! ...Anyways, you are quite the amateur impresario, there, Ms. Eden; I want to read the book like right now! (Great title!) I like novels where reality is a bit unclear, and what actually has transpired is never really revealed; the ambiguity is left for the reader to sort out!

    P.S.-I recommend the novel Atmospheric Disturbances by Rivka Galchen. (A psychiatrist thinks his wife has been replaced by a simulacrum; and, well, the reader is never quite sure what is going on.)'ll just have to read the damn thing!) I've met and spoken with Rivka at a book signing; she's a really down to earth person and approachable in addition to being a great writer. (She's also written a few bits of fiction for the New Yorker that are worth looking up and reading.)

  2. Thanks Brett! I actually enjoyed writing a serious review instead of writing about my weird life and posting weird pics though I will do exactly that in a day or two probably!
    I'll check out that book you mentioned too..ROBOTS!

  3. I have to say wow.
    I've just connected with a person of my past, who I grew up with in suburb midwest. I won't go into the significant details of a life which undid itself - though will say that the experience is being written about and I can pass this 'promo?' on.
    Anything that shows or shares a how to get it out there for people who aren't reality show John or Jane.
    'S cool, eden, and yah, hey now! cheers

  4. Please pass on anything you want! Glad you are writing everything down Anon..I hope to do so one day...turn this blog into a book maybe..