Monday, August 29, 2011

Downed trees getting chopped up and removed..RIP La Plaza Willow.

Well, here are some somewhat fun but mainly depressing videos I took today while wandering around the LES. The sad ones are the willow tree in La Plaza which fell..that thing was so old and beautiful..very sad. Other are of the big tree in the center of Tompkins that fell on the grass..took them a while to chop and remove it.
The amusing ones are my new obsession with the rats in the park. One had a huge chunk of bread and was really trying hard not to share with the others..who were NOT having it. It was a tug of war and a test of wills. Did it symbolize our struggle with life? Our fight against our baser instincts? Oh, who cares. Rats are cool, bitches!

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  1. Oh, those adorable little scamps!

    ...As someone who has never met a tree he didn't like, it is sad to see a couple of majestic beauties meet their end. And on a related bit of significa, did you know that trees actually walk? Some have been known to move as much as fifteen feet over the course of a hundred years (they "walk" as their root systems send out shoots to seek nutrients)...They also talk, but I'll elaborate on that later...