Monday, August 1, 2011

Incredibly Boring video from italy. Plus, fight crime by partying.

Okay, so I uploaded a video..a REALLY FUCKING boring video of John and I eating the staples of Italy. No, not stapler staples though i've been tempted at times..but pasta and pizza. Usually I would avoid writing about what I eat. There shall be nary a "nom nom nom" on this blog. Unless you truly make that noise when you eat then kindly shut it! But it's pizza and pasta..all we needed was some Nutella® to cap off the somewhat mediocre meal.
And...some pics I found in my phone. Have been busy with playing gigs and working and stuff..I miss wandering about and taking pics of weird shit..but that'll be happening this week IN the meantime..I went and saw Sir Paul M at Yankee Stadium and there was a lone jesus freak outside preaching about..wait for it..JESUS! Why can't he just Let It Be? Hardy. Har. Har.

Then a pic of my friend Morgan and I at the Onion cubicle party thing which was fun.

AND tomorrow is the day NO ONE has been waiting for! The Ninth Precinct's Night Out Against Crime! Actually, it's kinda fun. There is a cop on stilts and some bad band playing usually. And a grill going with burgers and hot dogs. I asked if they had any veggie options and they offered me a bun with ketchup. I got a gig tomorrow at Union Pool at The Moon Comedy Show so I will miss the cops partying. It's worth it to see the one on stilts though.


  1. I remember the cop dancing on stilts! ...All the cops do around here is eat doughnut's! Oy! Better they should be more like NYC cops!

  2. Those National Night Outs would be a SWEET time for some burglaries because everybody is out at their neighborhood's party!