Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jesus and the prayer station at Tompkins.

So...some Jesus freaks were out at Tompkins Square the other day. All day. All DAMN day! Live music, info, a prayer station and a freaking insane play about a girl turning to Jesus then being seduced by demons. Jesus beat up Satan and damn, I only had my iphone to record a bit of it with. Tonight is Rosemary's Baby for the free film in the park night which I have noticed is getting drunker and rowdier. Isn't that ironic? Har.


  1. Your commentary during adds so much. Haha, thank you for this

  2. The two sticks crossed on the ground make it look as if the guy in the robe is a not-too-skilled puppet master and the person on the ground is an unresponsive marionette! That or Charlie Brown's christmas tree has lost its stand! ...I was gonna watch the video; but, then I asked, "shit, what would Jesus do?" A voice told me I needed to instead light up a spliff and have a cup of coffee...hey, you know, it could be the direct word of the Lord?!?!!

  3. we have a guy here is Australia who thinks he's Jesus, talks about things in the Bible that he did or didn't irony or anything like that