Sunday, August 7, 2011

Punk Show in Park, Plus my cat is still retarded!

So...thus far this summer has been pretty good to me. A trip to Italy, going to Vermont to play this weekend(and hike and swim with friends!), and then going to Rhode Island to beach it for a week. Then a fun music type wedding in Arizona in September...and a trip to ithaca to be in a student film hopefully! I cannot complain though I long to..I want to bitch dammit! But I even like the heat.
But all this good stuff means I have not been around much to update about local events and such. I haven't even walked by that damn Guggenheim lab thing yet and it's 4 blocks away! Is this what being an adult is like? Wah! But I went to a fun triple birthday party last night and got trashed. I recall dancing to 80's and a lot of wine.
I made it out to Tompkins today for the last part of the Riot Show..So first is a pic of a weird flyer I saw. Don't know what its about but I like conjoined anything! Then some punks in the pit during a bands set..didn't get the name of the band though I took a short video of them.
Then me having fun on the Monkey-Go-Round on thursday during free film night. Rise of the Apes sucked ass..not even worth seeing it to make fun of it..Bah!
And look! Delgado my cat is STILL dumb! And getting crazier and fatter! He will be sad i'm leaving town again soon. But it obviously does not stop him from eating that fucking fanccy feast crap he loves!

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  1. You look as happy as a little girl on that Monkey-Go-Round!
    ...and, as is typical in some photos (I noticed it in this one), what's up with people thinking that somehow when someone takes a photo that THEY are somehow to be an intended part of the photo, or that a camera is a strange never-before-seen device? I say, charge them money!!! "You want to be in my photo? Five bucks!"