Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rats Gone Wild! Caught on Tape!

Hello survivors of HurriLame Nyc 2011! I just went out and walked around in the balmy breeze and took a few shots..Some restaurant was taking the tape off their windows..Ray's is open, 7A and many non-chain eateries. I even found a sushi place open! If I get food poisoning at least I will lose that damn 6 lbs I can't seem to shake.
That bus that says Hurricane Shelter was on my street by the 9th precinct for much of the night. It seemed to be empty. I did not see a stripper pole or anything. The cops did seem to be very pretty busy last night..I guess a lot of calls came in for help.
BUT check out the amazing rat footage I took outside of tompkins square park! They are out in broad daylight partying down! People passing by were shocked how close the rats were to Avenue A..The park still being closed had all of its creatures out and about..Ahhh.nature!


  1. Those rats were so cute! Why is it that squirrels are revered yet rats are maligned? Wrongfully so, I say! ...AND, I must add, Walter Leland Cronkite could not have given a more riveting report! ...And, I'm not going to even comment on the unicorn boogie board from the previous entry! You know, not all of us can have unicorns on our boogie boards!

  2. Aww, what a super cute mischief of ratties!