Tuesday, August 16, 2011

These pics are just weird. Plus, I hate Facebook.

Well, I tried to upload some pretty photos I took in Vermont but blogger is not letting me. Much like facebook which annoyed me all week. My cell number was on display and I got weird texts from strangers, everyone I had blocked became unblocked(well about 3 people), and I couldn't send email or IM people. First world problems, but nonetheless, annoying as shit.
But blogger DID let me upload these simply INCREDIBLE pics from my phone!
The first is my fave...some troll graffiti that is cropping up all over the place..look at the detail! It looks just like me in the morning.Then I thought this frozen pizza was funny that I saw in Italy a few weeks ago. Then a great stained glass with coper tree in it window pane my friends had in their place in Vermont.
A defaced sign which is fairly clever and proof that my friends and I are drunks from the many glasses we had of beer at Lolita bar last week. I'll be going there tonight too..Tell Your Friends comedy show is awesome. Some special guests may show up tonight. It's every tuesday at 8pm..I play it sometimes. Which means I get in FREE! The Jew in me rejoices!

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