Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Occupy Wall Street.

Well, I am finally hitting the Wall Street protests this week before I go to Arizona for Dom's wedding..Took these videos as I marched and weaved my way through the hippies, anarchists, beatniks, wingnuts, news reporters, cops and all walks of life. I did not see any arrests, though one officer did push a kid who was not on the sidewalk as we marched and were blocking traffic. Anthony Bologna is being investigated now after new videos have slo-mo you can see him pepper spraying people just standing there..not pushing him or being violent in any way.
The police were polite to me..I was filming as were many others..and it was pretty organized. Michael Moore showed up who I don't much care for..but the crowd was happy about it. At any rate it is now getting more press that's for sure..I'll be there tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some videos of my band from the Washington Square Park Folk Festival.

Sooo..I had the damn flu thingy for almost two weeks and was worried about this gig because I am still hacking away but it was fun..chilly out but no rain and a good crowd for a first time festival. Here are some videos my pal Angry Bob the Comic took for me..Some new stuff that will be on our next album is played with fiddle player Jackson Lynch..Our next album will be called Take a Look at That Baby and R. Crumb will be playing mandolin on it again along with other guests..Good times!
Oh and while we played a group of men in red lingerie ran all around the park and on the stage..and chef Mario Batali was there..i think he sponsored it and he took pics of us and tweeted them..yay!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's see now..a few fun videos and ran-dumb pics!

Here are some truly awe inspiring photos. At least my mom told me they were good. Line up to get your flu Rite-Aids! Um. Don't think so. The needle exchange may be safer. Then a Ronald McDonald home for kids in Vermont. I cannot fathom the depths of horror that must go on in there. CANNOT. Then my hair being bleached as I wander into a pharmacy and find DIY Paternity tests on sale! YES! And my hair above that looking nice. Shampoo on Avenue B is awesome.
And two videos of stuttering Dave who I very drunkely feed lines to at the new UCB Open Mic..the dirty joke gets cut off unfortunately! And the infamous Don Eng dancing his heart out once again at Bowery Open Mic..Awww..He had a partner this time!
Got some gigs coming up..New Crumb book of his album covers comes out in'll be some great promo for my band..We are in the book three times and did the promo video for it which includes me in a bathtub with saddle shoes on. This will probably be the thing I get known for. Fame is so bittersweet..Got first check from RedEye distro. DAMN! WAY more than I expected for three months! We have some good reviews coming out soon..everything takes soooo long..Hurry up and wait! Had a great summer of travel and hoping for a great fall/winter of gigs and sales!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The new Sidewalk Cafe.

Okay, so i was worried about Sidewalk cafe shutting down and revamping itself like many other old school sort of neighborhood places have done and turning into a scary wine bar like Banjo Jim's will probably do. So I have been by there a few times in the past few weeks and while some of my favorite stuff is no longer on the menu(well, I am the type of person who eats the same damn thing everyday so those items are basically two things), I have to say I feel the same vibe in there that it had before.
The menu is a lot smaller..but they are figuring out what people want, and slowly adding those things back as they get back on track..The nachos are back..possibly the 25 cent wings too..there are $3 PBR' can sit in the back at the open mic or whatever music show is going on and not be forced to order anything if you don't want to..THOUGH I WANT TO DRINK! Did I just yell that? Sorry, been sick and on the wagon!
Their breakfast specials are coming back and most of the appetizers are still around $5. So I am happy they are back and I hope people give it a chance. The staff is awesome, my friend bartends there..another pal waitresses, and I just had a fun time hanging out there tonight shooting the shit and it basically felt like old times for me.
Yes, the bar has insane cocktails and spiked milkshakes if you feel the urge to splurge and get all crazy..but it also has cheap beer..cheaper than some of the dive bars that are around actually.
Sure, I liked the old wall reminded me of my own place actually! But the important thing is that the vibe I always liked in there is STILL there. I intend to support the place. If it closed down what would replace it? Hmmm..let's see..maybe a Chase Bank? Nah..wait..a Chase Bank? Nah, probably not. I know! A CHASE BANK BY GOLLY!
Alright, I'll shut it now!
But one more thing..if you go to this blog take note that Life Cafe now seems to be possibly closed for good. Beware! Soon there may be no more places where you can sit and eat and read a book outdoors for two hours if you want to!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Planking and Owling. Better than stuffing a lot of people in a phone booth.

So, many of you must think because I listen to old timey music and hang around divey, seedy places that I simply must be up on all the new fads going on. But, sadly, I am not. I have just recently learned about Planking which began in Australia I lay as stiff as a board somewhere weird and have your photo taken. Someone died planking on the ledge of a building or something at some point..and now Owling, perching like an owl somewhere dangerous/weird has taken over..and even Batmanning could be starting..hanging like a bat somewhere odd or unexpected.
Anyway, since I have had the damn flu for five days straight and have been indoors a lot(except for last night where I went to a show where someone owled AND planked and then had wine later)..I have compiled these fun photos of both owling and planking. You will never get the three minutes it will take you to read and look at these pics back. Sorry.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Artist Patrick Bucklew AKA Mangina!

This wonderful thing is a wooden portrait of my crazy cat Delgado done by the awesome Patrick Bucklew also known as Mangina or even Harry Chandler if you read Jonathan Ames! Whatever you want to call him, if you want a pet portrait done he is THE one to call! His prices are reasonable and his work is amazing! He never met one has. He only lets me touch him..Yeah-he gots issues! But this is exactly what he looks like and what his crazy aura feels like. Now he is hanging in my place(the portrait, not the cat sicko!). Contact him on facebook here to see more of his art or get a pet portrait done!