Sunday, September 4, 2011

Artist Patrick Bucklew AKA Mangina!

This wonderful thing is a wooden portrait of my crazy cat Delgado done by the awesome Patrick Bucklew also known as Mangina or even Harry Chandler if you read Jonathan Ames! Whatever you want to call him, if you want a pet portrait done he is THE one to call! His prices are reasonable and his work is amazing! He never met one has. He only lets me touch him..Yeah-he gots issues! But this is exactly what he looks like and what his crazy aura feels like. Now he is hanging in my place(the portrait, not the cat sicko!). Contact him on facebook here to see more of his art or get a pet portrait done!


  1. Patrick even captured Delgado's teeth (figuratively, artistically speaking, of course)!

  2. He may have the missing ones..who knows?