Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some videos of my band from the Washington Square Park Folk Festival.

Sooo..I had the damn flu thingy for almost two weeks and was worried about this gig because I am still hacking away but it was fun..chilly out but no rain and a good crowd for a first time festival. Here are some videos my pal Angry Bob the Comic took for me..Some new stuff that will be on our next album is played with fiddle player Jackson Lynch..Our next album will be called Take a Look at That Baby and R. Crumb will be playing mandolin on it again along with other guests..Good times!
Oh and while we played a group of men in red lingerie ran all around the park and on the stage..and chef Mario Batali was there..i think he sponsored it and he took pics of us and tweeted them..yay!


  1. I love the cocaine song!

  2. Well, I'm finally getting around to looking at these videos (and, of course, listening, ever so carefully, listening)...I thought you managed to keep the more phlegmy sounds disguised quite well! ...I used to worry excessively about getting/being sick for gigs; now, I have a whole bag of tricks I use to cover up possible problems! I also sometimes like the different sounds my voice can produce when I'm sick (I have asthma, too) and try to exploit those while foregoing certain notes, etc. The voice is a much more finicky instrument than, say, a guitar, believe you me!

    Anyway, your voice sounded good (and picked up well on the videos, as did John's foot tapping for some reason)...I do "Big Road Blues"! My lyrics are a bit different; and, I have to admit, I don't do the traditional riff throughout (which John executes very authentically)...I love that "Adam and Eve" ditty! Those kinds of chord progressions are the bees knees! (BTW, do bees even have knees? They probably did back in Adam and Eve's time--shu, that Eve...All I can say is that one little bite of that fruit has sure caused its share of problems, let's put it that way! I'm sure the apple wasn't any good, either; apple trees have to be grafted to produce edible fruit, everybody knows that, so the thing was probably a "spitter"!--And what's up with that sadistic God, anyway? Laying a couple of proverbial fat lines out on a glass coffee table, handing out solid gold straws, and then smiting anyone who takes a taste!?!?!?! WTF!!!)

    ...I didn't catch who wrote the "Tell It to Me" one?

  3. Listening to the East River String Band and thinking about Bob and his wonderful photography. Been thinking about his passing all day. He really did make a difference, the Lower East Side that I romanticized in my mind and made so many trips to just to try and soak in the history and vibes, Bob really brought that insider's view to those of us on the outside. The world is a better place because of his photography.

    If the East River String Band ever needs a friend or place to crash while passing through Minneapolis give me a holler, I'll call in sick to work and assist in any way possible.

  4. I still am in denial about Bob being gone..Keep thiking that I will see him turn the corner and come by Rays any minute..