Sunday, October 30, 2011

Awesome packed halloween party at Csquat. Plus, drunk.

This Halloween has not even arrived yet and it's killing me and my poor head..Started wednesday really with Rev jen's book party where people had costumes on..then Friday this party at Csquat where I took lotsa pics and some drunk video..bands played and people danced and it was fun as I am resting for work tomorrow then there is monday with the parade and all that..almost want it to be over so I can start hitting the gym and lay off the wine a bit. It is freaking SNOWING out there as I write this! What the HEY? I REALLY hope winter is not here already! I am very happy and excited with some good stuff going on in the next few months but I am not ready for snow yet! Some days in the 60's for another month or so would be nice..
Anywitch, here are some pics and etc and etc..I am a harpy. I mean all the time. Plus on halloween.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Book Launch Party for Elf Girl at Bowery Poetry Club..

Rev Jen's anti-slam at book launch party was fantastically crazy and fun..performances, short films, penis cupcakes, prom pics, satanic burlesque..and lots of alcohol..Here are some pics of the stuff that went on..80's dance party began at about 2am, on the stage..

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rev Jen's book signing at St Marks Bookshop with Jonathan Ames and Faceboy.

Went to the hip and hilarious book signing of Reverend Jen tonight at St Marks Bookshop. I have read some of her new novel Elf Girl..and now have a signed copy..and it seems every bit as good as Live Nude Elf is. Jen is an artist, poet, actress and writer and excels at all. Jonathan Ames of bored to Death fame was there with her along with her BFF Faceboy who pretty much started the open mic scene in NYC. He read a hilarious story about taking a pregnancy test with his friend. Ames did his crazy whistle call and MCd the night and Jen read a few pages from her book. Very funny stuff..Elf Girl is available HERE and I HIGHLY recommend it! Tonight is the book launch anti-slam party at Bowery Poetry Club for it..with films and drink specials..and..wait for it..wait for it...ASS CLAPPING! Be there! Here in the pics you can see Ames, Jen, Faceboy, Deep Singh, Mangina, Heather Bunch, Snow Mack, Tanya and I...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I know..I know..BUT Pete Seeger at Occupy Wall Street!

Okay, I know I need to blog about something else besides OWS. And i will..i swear..I have tons of stuff going on..been to a lot of shows..played a great show last night..have not been by Ray's or Tompkins much. Been somewhat working a bit..learning new songs for next album..making LP's of our second CD..all kinds of stuff..BUT i went to Liberty Park the other night and a bunch of us went to Symphony Space to meet up with Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie and other folkies who marched with us to Columbus Circle and then jammed and sang "we shall overcome." Sounds cheesy but Seeger is awesome..he did a lot for old time music and for the Hudson River and he is 92 freaking years old and had TWO canes and marched almost 2 miles. While we all surrounded him and took pics, et..
So here are some photos and a bunch of videos of Occupy Wall street..first at Liberty Park then later with fun night! And yeah, my armpit hair grew like 3 feet as I marched.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Times Square!

I swear I will post about something else soon but had to get this post in about the MASSIVE global occupation that went on this past Saturday..part of which was a HUGE demo at Times Square which they say about 20,000-50,000 people attended. I was there for many hours and it did grow and grow after 5pm into insanity, I think there were some arrests..maybe 42 all together that day including the Citibank fiasco..Citibank beats ALL other banks and even their customers..heh. So here are some pics and then I will move on to band news and Ray's and stuff for a bit..