Sunday, October 30, 2011

Awesome packed halloween party at Csquat. Plus, drunk.

This Halloween has not even arrived yet and it's killing me and my poor head..Started wednesday really with Rev jen's book party where people had costumes on..then Friday this party at Csquat where I took lotsa pics and some drunk video..bands played and people danced and it was fun as I am resting for work tomorrow then there is monday with the parade and all that..almost want it to be over so I can start hitting the gym and lay off the wine a bit. It is freaking SNOWING out there as I write this! What the HEY? I REALLY hope winter is not here already! I am very happy and excited with some good stuff going on in the next few months but I am not ready for snow yet! Some days in the 60's for another month or so would be nice..
Anywitch, here are some pics and etc and etc..I am a harpy. I mean all the time. Plus on halloween.

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  1. What's that Yiddish expression? ...It might lose something in the translation, but I think it goes something like, "better to be a harpy on Halloween than a shrew on Hanukkah!" ...That friend of yours dressed up like a cat is simply brilliant! ...Old Dali never seems to age, does he!?! What's his secret?