Friday, October 14, 2011

A brief but joyous victory over the Mayor last night?

Well, I went to Wall St..or rather Liberty Park yesterday at 5pm and stayed up til 9am to see what would transpire since Mayor B. and PC Kelly AND owner of the park said it has to be cleaned and people must be cleared out for 12 hours. They were to be let back in BUT with no sleeping bags, no tarps, no tents and no LAYING DOWN in the park after the cleaning. Gee, wonder if Bloomberg realizes that all these rules may end the camping down there? Har! Anyway, we all stood strong and the cleaning got postponed. Who knows what will happen..If those new rules or possibly old rules that were not enforced before but may now be actually take effect it will be a nightmare of clashes between the police and the protestors. Cops going around ticketing or bothering tired, hungry people that need to lay down and rest? Good luck with that..The energy down there was catching and it felt like a 1960's rally with a victory at the are a load of photos and videos of my crazy, surreal night down there..Oh, and I named the red sculpture Ambrose!


  1. I feel as though I have my own personal on-the-beat reporter! Thanks, Eden, I like getting your posts on this!

    ...I tell ya, even Santa seems to be effected by this economic downturn (caused by those shameless oligarchs)...he looks like he hasn't eaten in a month! Some have said that he says he's protesting by fasting, but I think he's just a proud man, too ashamed to ask for a little sustenance...I've decided that Santa doesn't have to give me any presents this year (hope that helps). I really feel for the elves, too...many are past middle age and have skills sets suited only to manufacturing jobs that have been outsourced. Many will have to work till they're in their 160's, and at a reduction in pay! Santa has had to outright let some of them go even! I think a lot of those who've made Santa's "good" list this year are feeling a little bit guilty right about now, oh yeah...

  2. Santa left his sweatshop to come push a broom at Liberty Park..the elves revolted and the only presents anyone is getting this year are lumps of coal. And maybe the new Iphone 4s..