Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Times Square!

I swear I will post about something else soon but had to get this post in about the MASSIVE global occupation that went on this past Saturday..part of which was a HUGE demo at Times Square which they say about 20,000-50,000 people attended. I was there for many hours and it did grow and grow after 5pm into insanity, I think there were some arrests..maybe 42 all together that day including the Citibank fiasco..Citibank beats ALL other banks and even their customers..heh. So here are some pics and then I will move on to band news and Ray's and stuff for a bit..


  1. Eden! Great photos!! My friend Teri is going to be contacting you about your work!!


    long live the spirit of bob!!

  2. Much respect to all of you. I only hope that more and more join and bring a much deserved change in America. It is time that we change the status quo and fight for equality and a country that belongs to the people not the rich or those with the most influence. I think its time to wake up from the "american dream" and make it a reality.