Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rev Jen's book signing at St Marks Bookshop with Jonathan Ames and Faceboy.

Went to the hip and hilarious book signing of Reverend Jen tonight at St Marks Bookshop. I have read some of her new novel Elf Girl..and now have a signed copy..and it seems every bit as good as Live Nude Elf is. Jen is an artist, poet, actress and writer and excels at all. Jonathan Ames of bored to Death fame was there with her along with her BFF Faceboy who pretty much started the open mic scene in NYC. He read a hilarious story about taking a pregnancy test with his friend. Ames did his crazy whistle call and MCd the night and Jen read a few pages from her book. Very funny stuff..Elf Girl is available HERE and I HIGHLY recommend it! Tonight is the book launch anti-slam party at Bowery Poetry Club for it..with films and drink specials..and..wait for it..wait for it...ASS CLAPPING! Be there! Here in the pics you can see Ames, Jen, Faceboy, Deep Singh, Mangina, Heather Bunch, Snow Mack, Tanya and I...

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  1. I sometimes look at the photos on this blog and try to guess what the people in these photos do...well, at least, in the case of Rev. Jen, I now know! ...I love book signings, at least the ones with people who write cool books anyway. ...You've brought buck dancing to the masses, and now ASS CLAPPING! I expect there'll be videos?