Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Vinyl of our Drunken Barrel House Blues is now out!

Hey folks - We finally have our 2009 release Drunken Barrel House Blues available on LP!!!! The art by Robert Crumb looks fantastic on a 12". The vinyl is Blue Splatter Wax!!!!! I am so excited about this-they are selling like mad on ebay-if you don't see one to buy i will be relisting throught the day when i can! New LP from Eden & John's East River String Band released December 6th 2011 from the 2009 CD featuring special guests Pat Conte on fiddle, Dom Flemons on guitar, quills & vocals and Eli Smith on banjo. Cover by Robert Crumb. On Blue Splatter Wax!!!!
Here is the link to John's ebay where we are personally selling it before the "strett date" of December 6th!

Monday, November 21, 2011

John's Old Time Radio show-Occupy Old Time Music!

Hello hello comrades! You pinko commies! Despite the raid on Liberty Park the OWS protest is still going strong..John does an old time music podcast..we are hoping when he gets more than a dozen of them put together including a few with Crumb as the special guest it will be picked up on WFMU or NPR even..or somewhere! It's a great show..
Here is a link to the Songs of the Great Depression Occupy one which includes a short interview with me along with some great old pics from the 30's..and of course some amazing old songs. Funny how things change yet stay the has a link to all of John's is the link to the protest one: John's Podcast.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Some video of the march over the Brooklyn Bridge last night..

Well, since the Mayor raided Liberty Park and brought in an LRAD(WTF!?) I have been down at the new post Liberty Park a lot...taping videos and seeing what is going to happen next. The march last night was HUGE though the media is saying a "few thousand" people were there trashing stuff and it was bad. Nope. There were over 30,000 people there and it was peaceful and fun. No problems with cops at all and cars were honking and raising fists to show their solidarity with the movement. They somehow set up a projection on a building that kept changing messages which was pretty neat..Here are a mess load of videos from last night..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some assorted stuff you don't give a toss about!

Here are some non occupy and non band pics! Aren't you just SO thrilled! Except for Occupy Eden which I find funny..that episode of old Star Trek is actually the only one i've ever seen.
I guess I just lost 10 nerd points or something by admitting that. Sorry!I feel like I have let you all down. The Pee Phone is still as gross as ever as you can see..Someone had a helluva party in, alcohol, even Four Loko which seems to be everywhere more than ever since it was banned.
That musicians thingy is a metal cut out someone had hanging at their house in Arizona where I went to see Dom Flemons get married..And John and I have new snuggies! It truly is the Age of Aquarius! And also..the cleanest toilet seat ever. Someone had an OCD epsiode about not touching their buttocks to the Three Of Cups toilet seat. Everyone knows you can get aids and also, pregnant.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Video John and I made for the new R. Crumb Book!

This is a video that John put together for Norton Publishers to promote the new R Crumb book..The Complete Record Covers..a big beautiful hardcover book that compiles every drawing he has ever done for musicians and album covers. It is awesome and comes in a big, thick fake record sleeve..Our Albums are in it three times! We are hoping this video will go viral or some such thing so please feel free to link it and repost it!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some videos of us and our friends bands at Jalopy Old Country Blues Night.

I am going to post a bunch of videos we took from our last gig at Jalopy Theater in brooklyn..I freaking love Jalopy...they now own the bar Moonshine next door which has food and mixed drinks and will hopefully bring them tons of business as this place is awesome and unique and our favorite place to play..The Complete Record Collection book by R Crumb is now officially out and available at Amazon HERE and is awesome..We are in it thrice plus did the promo video which Norton should have up on youtube tomorrow..It comes in a fake thick record jacket sleeve and has every cover he's ever done.
Things are going good..Sucks that it's so cold already in NYC..maybe it'll get warmer. I miss seeing Bob Arihood around the park and Ray's..seems so weird that he's not there. But I am trying to really learn guitar this winter..not just a few chords, so John can take up mandolin or fiddle in the band..trying to get a reel together still..may start writing my life story soon..working on new album already-have the songs picked out already..and going on tour in June. So hopefully the winter will go by quick..Our last Album is one of 151 nominations being considered for a'll be whittled down to 5 of course and we don't stand a chance but if you happen to be a member of the recording can vote for us! We are Field 13, American Roots category 46, Best Folk Album #042.