Monday, November 21, 2011

John's Old Time Radio show-Occupy Old Time Music!

Hello hello comrades! You pinko commies! Despite the raid on Liberty Park the OWS protest is still going strong..John does an old time music podcast..we are hoping when he gets more than a dozen of them put together including a few with Crumb as the special guest it will be picked up on WFMU or NPR even..or somewhere! It's a great show..
Here is a link to the Songs of the Great Depression Occupy one which includes a short interview with me along with some great old pics from the 30's..and of course some amazing old songs. Funny how things change yet stay the has a link to all of John's is the link to the protest one: John's Podcast.


  1. Thanks for the link to John's show! I just finished listening to #9 and really enjoyed it...I've had a kind of stomach virus all day and the show occupied my mind for a while; of course, then I had to OCCUPY the porcelain convenience for the umpteenth time (my bowels are having a protest of their own going on)! UGH!!! Also, thanks for all the reports on the OWS stuff happening in NYC. It's amazing how much misinformation is being spun by the media (even by NPR) on these protests.

  2. Long time lurker, first time poster (I think). Thanks for the link. I'm looking forward to feasting on all of this great new (to me)music.

  3. Thanks you guys! Feel better Brett! Thanks Randall!