Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some videos of us and our friends bands at Jalopy Old Country Blues Night.

I am going to post a bunch of videos we took from our last gig at Jalopy Theater in brooklyn..I freaking love Jalopy...they now own the bar Moonshine next door which has food and mixed drinks and will hopefully bring them tons of business as this place is awesome and unique and our favorite place to play..The Complete Record Collection book by R Crumb is now officially out and available at Amazon HERE and is awesome..We are in it thrice plus did the promo video which Norton should have up on youtube tomorrow..It comes in a fake thick record jacket sleeve and has every cover he's ever done.
Things are going good..Sucks that it's so cold already in NYC..maybe it'll get warmer. I miss seeing Bob Arihood around the park and Ray's..seems so weird that he's not there. But I am trying to really learn guitar this winter..not just a few chords, so John can take up mandolin or fiddle in the band..trying to get a reel together still..may start writing my life story soon..working on new album already-have the songs picked out already..and going on tour in June. So hopefully the winter will go by quick..Our last Album is one of 151 nominations being considered for a'll be whittled down to 5 of course and we don't stand a chance but if you happen to be a member of the recording can vote for us! We are Field 13, American Roots category 46, Best Folk Album #042.

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  1. Ari Eisinger is a genuine gem! I liked all the videos, especially the kazoo part! When you went up high I was reminded of Mr. Armstrong's trumpet! (The musician, not the astronaut!)