Thursday, November 3, 2011

Video John and I made for the new R. Crumb Book!

This is a video that John put together for Norton Publishers to promote the new R Crumb book..The Complete Record Covers..a big beautiful hardcover book that compiles every drawing he has ever done for musicians and album covers. It is awesome and comes in a big, thick fake record sleeve..Our Albums are in it three times! We are hoping this video will go viral or some such thing so please feel free to link it and repost it!


  1. Simply marvelous!! ...The part where John comes a courting is sublime!

    P.S.-Haven't gotten around to see the 'Jalopy' videos below, but it's on my things-to-do list!

  2. Thanks! I know it's a lot of self promotion on here lately but ya gotta do it..We are happy this damn video that John did in 8 hours has almost 10,000 hits already on youtube! It got linked on Boing Boing so I guess that's we are hoping the AP or NPR will pick it up..

  3. Will you folks be at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival selling the new LP?