Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Wonder Woman Snuggie Xmas!

Well, I have been woefully lazy about blogging lately. However I am still here and will try to do better! With the weather change I just am not wandering around taking pics as much and i don't want the blog to be all about recording a new album which is pretty much what I have been doing, along with learning new songs and practicing a bunch. Someone is sending me their old uke they don't need anymore..it is beautiful! They built it themselves in the Kay Kraft style so it's pretty unique..I'll be linking his site when I get it and showing it off..
I have gone to many an xmas event and party in the past week..waiting for New Years Eve to get super drunk and then I shall be very responsible and shall be working a lot and learning French and guitar and all..
Here are some oddly disturbing pics of people at a party at Under St marks theatre who agreed to don my Wonder Woman Snuggie® for a photo op!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Please nobody say "HOLIDAZE" or you are dead.

So this is my holiday post! People better stop saying "happy holidaze" on facebook or I will kill them all. Not funny. Not funny. Not funny. But i have this pic of Jewels on Avenue A during Santa Con wearing a wig! That night was so annoying. It is like a big frat party every year and my friends who bartend hate it..No one is tipping and they are so drunk the santas are puking all over the streets. and they are very touchy feely as in groping and grabbing me and every girl on the street.
The second pic is my dumb cat staring at the shadow of a bird while the actual bird is right in front of him which he does not see. That pagan pic got me a warning for posting it on facebook for nudity. heh. And I uploaded a short video of drunk santas massing with me on St Marks..Happy Holi-Duh!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bloggity Blog Blog Blog!

These are just some random pics that I find simply hilarious! Plus, they have been sitting on my desktop and driving me crazy. That big bag of popcorn is the best present you can get a loved one this month..I, myself, plan on getting that Obama chia pet. In bulk. You can NEVER have too many Obama Chia Pets now, can you? N. O.
That lady was at an Occupy WS artist benefit at Theatre For the New City a month ago..that's how far behind I am with this blog lately! However, I will do better from now on. I have accepted that it is now winter and even bought a pink fuzzy winter coat with a corset and bustle on the back. Yup! I'm crazy! But my new coat is awesome. I don't mind the winter so far..lots of stuff going on and I am working and making dough a lot more lately which means I am getting myself the most amazing, circus-like wardrobe in the world. Also, saving up for summer in Europe! I hate cold weather but I am having a pretty awesome winter(all) so far..and thus it was good..

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cooper Union starting to charge tuition?

Okay, so these pics and interview are from..damn..almost a month ago?! I am waaay behind blogging and have not even been to any OWS demos for a few weeks..recording new album and trying to make some comedy skits with John and get them on Funny or Die this month. Plus, I am working more and it's cold out dammit! But I will be running around having adventures soon.
East River was not chosen to be in the top 5 Grammy nominations this year(or last year!), but if we were i'd have gone into shock. Eddie Veder has a ukuleke album out and was in the Folk categoy. WTF!? I think he will win. Even Dylan did not make the cut this year.
Anyway, good news with St Marks Bookshop being saved and also Cafe Vivaldi..but I have not read anything or heard anything about whether Cooper Union will start charging students to attend. Here are some pics from a protest some students had and a short interview I did with one of them.