Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Please nobody say "HOLIDAZE" or you are dead.

So this is my holiday post! People better stop saying "happy holidaze" on facebook or I will kill them all. Not funny. Not funny. Not funny. But i have this pic of Jewels on Avenue A during Santa Con wearing a wig! That night was so annoying. It is like a big frat party every year and my friends who bartend hate it..No one is tipping and they are so drunk the santas are puking all over the streets. and they are very touchy feely as in groping and grabbing me and every girl on the street.
The second pic is my dumb cat staring at the shadow of a bird while the actual bird is right in front of him which he does not see. That pagan pic got me a warning for posting it on facebook for nudity. heh. And I uploaded a short video of drunk santas massing with me on St Marks..Happy Holi-Duh!

1 comment:

  1. They'll have to pry Christmas from my cold, dead hands!!! ...Those brave Santas you hung out with (those fearless men and women who keep Christmas in their hearts all through the year) are clearly marching toward Christmas, and no commie, pinko, atheist, socialist is gonna stop 'em!!!