Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Wonder Woman Snuggie Xmas!

Well, I have been woefully lazy about blogging lately. However I am still here and will try to do better! With the weather change I just am not wandering around taking pics as much and i don't want the blog to be all about recording a new album which is pretty much what I have been doing, along with learning new songs and practicing a bunch. Someone is sending me their old uke they don't need anymore..it is beautiful! They built it themselves in the Kay Kraft style so it's pretty unique..I'll be linking his site when I get it and showing it off..
I have gone to many an xmas event and party in the past week..waiting for New Years Eve to get super drunk and then I shall be very responsible and shall be working a lot and learning French and guitar and all..
Here are some oddly disturbing pics of people at a party at Under St marks theatre who agreed to don my Wonder Woman Snuggie® for a photo op!


  1. I've always been partial to flesh-colored clothing! ...I'm getting the uke bug, yet I still haven't gotten one of my own. I'd like to get a resonator one or maybe a banjo-uke. I'm thinking about trading a Dobro™ I have for one...I'll keep you posted...

  2. Happy Holidays SG. I love the snuggy.

  3. I need a spray tan before I can pose in this ....

  4. Damn! That snuggie gets around more than your mama!