Monday, January 2, 2012

Astor Place Banksy type art..

These wheat pasted non ads are all up and down the astor place area across from the cube..Not sure who is doing them..has a very Banksy feel to it..and i think the cease and desist order from "spaceballs"..hee! is a fake too. A joke layered on top of a joke. Like the Banksy movie. I wish the cube on Astor was still yarned but these fake ads make up for it!
As game of Thrones says..Winter is coming and it is getting cold out..Can't complain much though so far..a few really cold days then t gets in the 40's again..not a bad winter at all compared to last year where we had had like 2 blizzards or something by this time already!
I spent New Years Eve at Csquat drinking wine then on Avenue A running around drunk until I found an 80's dance party somehow at Niagara bar..All I wanted was to dance to cheesy 80's music for New Years Eve and it happened! Like a christmas miracle! Thank you baby Jesus!
Looking forward to the new year of Doom very much! About a quarter of the way done with recording new album and I start french classes at the French Alliance next week...I plan on keeping very busy and doing all kinds of wack shit. Yes, you heard me. WACK SHIT!

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  1. Congratulations on taking over the part of George Smiley in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy after the role proved too taxing for Gary Oldman. I must say, your performance was a veritable tour de force! I sat spellbound for the entire movie; I couldn't believe it was you on the screen! Who did your makeup? I was going to say that you could be a dead ringer for Gary Oldman playing an actor playing a secret agent, but Oldman only wished he could act like that!!! While Oldman has treated his roles like he's preparing for a halloween party, you on the other hand literally become the characters you portray! Oh, and that decision to work uncredited? Class act all the way! Oldman would have never done that! Bravo, Eden! Bravissimo!

    (I guess it's not all raspberry scones and Devonshire clotted cream is it, Gary? And, no, Bob is NOT my uncle!!!!!)