Thursday, February 23, 2012

One of my tweets is in Steve Martin's new book!

So, I am on twitter under @eden_brower. I decided I will take the underscore out when i reach over one thousand followers. I have about 830 right now. Not amazing, but not too bad. I go on at about 4am and tweet really silly offensive shit for an hour then I pass out and wake up to see if I got new followers from tweeting stuff like. "Hitler joke are so last Hilter!" and "Why isn't it Live Free but STILl die? Wake up people!" I can't seem to get up to the thousand mark..and I have a fuckload of really crazy people who write insane things to me every day.
But Twitter is fun. There are a lot of celebrities on there and there is something fun about being able to write to them and know they will possibly read it. I harass Judd Apatow for being an egomaniac. Steve Weber and Andy Dick write funny, dirty stuff to me. Edward Olmos, The Barbi Twins and Jeff Ross all follow me. I mean, how weird is that? It's a little world of funny, craziness I have been enjoying more and more.
Anylumps, I tweeted some silly joke to Steve Martin and he put out a book of tweets which includes a bunch of stuff people wrote him that he found funny..and one was mine! Now if only he would let my band open up for him..So here is a link to the book and the page my thing is on's just a tiny little book and I get a tiny mention but i'm still excited! In the pics above..the bottom one is what Martin tweeted about the Oscars..the top one is a few replies to him with mine in there somewhere..
Steve's Book..


  1. I Hate Twitter®; hate it with a passion! Twitter™ killed my father! Well, hurt him really bad--hurt his feelings.

  2. Twitter hurts my feelings every night. Or my feeling. I have feeling.