Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sort of funny, annoying goddamn catchy youtube shit..

Every day I get tons of fb mail..this is just what happens when you accept every friend request. I used to be more picky and I still won't add anyone who is going to write about Jesus all over my page or is some insane right wing conservative who is going to send me hate mail over Occupy Wall Street or anything I post that may be offensive to them. My page is public. It has offensive things on it I MYSELF post..they know what I am like yet they still get offended! Some guy left 50 comments on a joke I made..until I told him it was just a joke..then he acted like he knew that already and said I was just like "Fox News" for deleting his dumb comments which all my friends were getting notifications for. Then I had to block him as he emailed me insulting me..and posted a status about me being a bitch who took away his freedom of speech on my page. Mind you, this is a 57 year old stranger who had no pictures of themselves and about 50 friends.
I mean, who the hell knows who that was? Anyone can make a fake page and add you and then serial kill you! That site seems to turn people into kids again..petty arguments,, posts to hurt exes and ex friends..arguments over religion and politics which resort to name calling..I'm glad the internet wasn't around when I was a teen. I was bullied enough. The funniest is when an ex friend or ex bf or someone you don't care for comes up as "someone you may know" to add. I feel like making my shit private and reblocking the few crazies I had blocked last year..but i am scared to touch my settings. The new format sucks and I don't want to switch to it. See-right there I sound like a baby! "I WANT TO BLOCK PEOPLE AND THE NEW FB SUCKS!" Har.
It's true though..there are some real loonies on there and not the fun kind.
BUT the fun people send me links to inane YouTube videos and they are so dumb and retarded..they get stuck in my damn head all day..Here are a few of them for you to enjoy. May they forever be driving you crazy as they are me!


  1. I hate that when someone friends you then serial kills you! That's so rude! But I hate FB anyway, hate it with a passion! FB killed my father; well, hurt him really bad. Hurt his feelings! And my father only has two feelings as it is! FB left one of his feelings completely alone (a mild feeling of unease), but it trampled on the other--the feeling of elation--like a pack of dogs on a little girl's baby doll...those assholes! Kinda makes Fake Tom seem almost benign, doesn't it? I mean he had that S+M Man/boy perversion going on, but I never passed judgment on him for it...

  2. Wow, I've got to have me some potato salad!