Friday, February 17, 2012

Unicorn Madness!

Yeesh it's been a long time! I went to a party last Friday and I think I got alcohol poisoning form drinking like 15 glasses of white wine! WINNING! Well, it was a fun night so I guess it was worth it! Haven't drank much since then except for half a beer but I finally feel better and back to normal Well, what passes as normal for me anyway.
Here are some unicorn pics that people have been posting on my page on facebook. Facebook is just so crazy since I have been accepting friend requests from people I don't know at all and have thousands of fake friends who are making me nuts. I wake up to dozens of weird fan emails for the band and strange messages and once in a while hate mail for something I posted usually from some right wing anti Occupy Wall Street person who has decided to vent on me for no reason. Thank Xenu for the block button though I am scared to go into my settings the past few months because I don't want to be timelined. I really hate the new "look."
But anyhoops, here are some damn uncorns for you to enjoy! My next post is going to be for a friend who went through a nightmare giving birth to her baby and is in a living hell right now. I figured I would post these pics first before getting into that.

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