Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This my shit..this my shit...

Well, Occupy never really went away though the fake news would have you believe otherwise..but since it began to feel like spring here..or summer is revved up outdoors again in different parks..Union Square seems to be one up until midnight i guess..Last time I was there..i was texting! Found that pic where I am sitting on the steps on my phone on flickr..heh. I was texting about the fart fetishist Roman S who is there every day. Guy is nuts. Maybe i will do a blong on him next..
Anydip, the wingnuts from Union Square were mixed with the OWS people..some crazy, some sane..and a topless woman just sauntered into the park and became the center of attention..everyone wanted their pic taken with her. Pretty hilarious. She was surrounded by men in ten seconds flat who were having heart attacks. Everyone loves bobbies I guess!
A pic of my new do for spring which will look like crap in a few months when it gets hot and it turns into an afro..I need to get a new passport and I may don a crown of thorns or at least be holding a light saber when they take it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

As Random as Random can Randomly Be..

Jeez I am lazy as fuck with blogging lately..can't seem to remember to update much. Well, it is going to be super warm soon which means i will be running around all over the place taking weird pics of stuff going on. Such as that first one which is a tray of tacos that were eaten at a taco eating contest. Yes, that sounds dirty and please realize it was held at Lolita Bar. Hardy har!
Then we have some bathroom graffiti which is my new favorite thing to take photos of. There is such genius and stupidity written on bathroom how else would I know about tranarchy and its upcoming rebellion if i didn't have to pee at Odessa Bar? Then we have the culty popcorn I am still obsessed with but that only whole foods has now..and a creepy old Wonderama album at my work someone tried to sell us..or did sell us actually.
Then a random pic I saw online i find funny..though it is photoshopped I am sure..
Busy with gigs lately and extra BG work that is Union has begun..I got a call already and the unions are finally merging very soon. Not sure if the will get me more work but I will find out soon!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Old School Shee-it!

Here are some pretty hideous photos of me I dug up ranging from about 5 years old to maybe 10 years ago..glasses, no glasses, afro, braces, no tattoos yet..afro, afro and afro. The ones that are scenic are from Key West and Maui..and one of my love Junior Dog..RIP..
Some interesting stuff going emailed out of the blue to play the uke fest in Dublin..this is awesome..we will be in Paris at some point anyway so air fare is cheap as hell..Well, they are paying for our airfare, hotel, food and some euros to boot..So i get to see Ireland in August! I leave NYC for tour/recording first week of July..back to NYC end of August..yay! When I come back we will have a new album to mix and John's comp will be done too. So much good stuff happening.
 I'm going to post about any fests in Europe and Ireland now and see if anyone comes up with any..Ya never know! Anyfruit, THE FUG!