Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Old School Shee-it!

Here are some pretty hideous photos of me I dug up ranging from about 5 years old to maybe 10 years ago..glasses, no glasses, afro, braces, no tattoos yet..afro, afro and afro. The ones that are scenic are from Key West and Maui..and one of my love Junior Dog..RIP..
Some interesting stuff going on..got emailed out of the blue to play the uke fest in Dublin..this is awesome..we will be in Paris at some point anyway so air fare is cheap as hell..Well, they are paying for our airfare, hotel, food and some euros to boot..So i get to see Ireland in August! I leave NYC for tour/recording first week of July..back to NYC end of August..yay! When I come back we will have a new album to mix and John's comp will be done too. So much good stuff happening.
 I'm going to post about any fests in Europe and Ireland now and see if anyone comes up with any..Ya never know! Anyfruit, THE FUG!

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