Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello there you young whipper snappers! Aunt Flo may be in town but I am in a good mood. Leaving for the weekend to go play the gig in the flyer in PA with Jerry Zolten of Crumb's Chimpin' the Blues fame. Should be a good time..happy to leave the city for a few days. Why does leaving for a weekend involve the same amount of packing as leaving for the summer? Books, contact lenses, bikini, facial hair remover, tampons, diapers, a human skull, keys, a monkey..two swords..I mean REALLY!
Anyvag, our band website is now up and running again! John spent like two days revamping it while I encouraged him by saying stuff like, "Can't you do this any faster?" and "I look fat in that photo take it down dick!"
So...Here is the new site!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Okay so it's been a while now..Things are pretty good..wish it would be summer again..hard to believe i was in a bathing suit on Mount Booby in the park tanning and now i'm back to a winter coat and scarf. I have a bikini under my coat of course.THAT IS HOW I ROLL! We are revamping our website and have an IndieGoGo campaign..trying to raise money for our new album/CD..john's next comp and his book of old photos. I need to win the lotto dammit! Or find a sugar daddy.
Here are some pics of fun stuff and more OWS stuff and all that..May 1st should be something! Note the name of my server at the diner..They are among us!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The East River String Band Cd, LP, comp and book campaign!

So I just began one of those indiegogo campaigns online. John and I have a new CD/LP we want to have out by the fall...John has a two CD-disc comp of his rare 78's he is putting out..PLUS an awesome photobook of antique photographs from his crazy collection he is trying to get out after the summer in September...Crumb is helping with the layout and there will be a CD included in the book of music from some of the bands pictured. All of these awesome projects take money..loads and loads of we ain't too proud to beg!
Here is the link to out IndieGoGo campaign..

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mar Bar photo "exhibit" at Blue and Cream.

Well, I call it an exhibit in quotes as there were barely any photos on the walls and the models, Dj's, drink servers and bouncer really had nothing to do with Mars Bar in the slightest. The photos of the model posing by the window and jukebox are utterly ridiculous as is their "look book" on their website. It was packed to the brim with hipsters and models and people shopping for clothes. Now, while everyone there was nice to me and I got complimented on the clothes I was wearing..I have never felt more out of place and I took a bunch of cell pics and two videos and left when it wound down after 8. I knew it would be depressing to see photos of my favorite bar hung up at a place that sells $200 t-shirts..I really did not expect it to be so...utterly awful. It was just an excuse for people to shmooze and the place to make some sales. Note the prices on the photos up for sale. I doubt the subjects will see a penny of it. Blue and Cream are free to open up a fancy clothing store on the Bowery of course..however Mars Bar should not be used to get them business..the quaint little divey bar down the block that they saw fit to use to their advantage when it closed. Anyway, at least they let me in. I did try to sneak into the Varavatos store later for some other opening and got kicked out. Heh. here are like dozens of pics and two videos..enjoy..if you can! I posted one pic of me looking scared. I WAS SCARED!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mars Bar at Blue and Cream plus a quick Pee Phone update!

Just a quick post before I have to run..besides the Mars Bar film showing this Friday at Anthology Archives..there is also an art opening at that awful store across the street from where Mars used to be before the wrecking ball hit. April 11th from 6-8pm they will be showing photos from Mars Bar to show how down they are with the Bowery. Oh man..I am totally going to blog this! So depressing!
Also, the Pee Phone has now joined the Occupy Movement officially! Plus it loves cheap beer and tapas bars, JUST SO YOU KNOW!!
Mar Bar exhibit news HERE.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wild in the Streets.

It is the summer of our discontent. Wait, that's wrong. It was the best of mimes, it was the worst of mimes. No, that is not right either. Well shit! Anyway, a sign I saw at Zucotti Park said "Shit is fucked up" was pretty funny. OWS and the upcoming days of action in a few weeks are going to be off the hook. Do people say that anymore? Well I do. OFF THE HOOK!
Things are going good good good..after a doctors appt Monday I will feel ever so much back to normal..hate annual exams but before they take away Medicaid I may as well take advantage..who knows what is going on with health care reform and what shall be. I can always use leeches like I used to I suppose.
AnyTart, some photos for your enjoyment! I thought the first was one was pretty funny..I mean COME ON! They had to be giggling when they put that sign up. Then a few scenes from Union Square..young punk making a sign..hippie meditating..
Then some subway signs defaced by some activist..I like the Game of Thrones one..they made it so easy for them..Then..well..after last weeks amazing South Park episode I just had to go and bread Delgado. Could not resist! I wanted to be breaded for my passport pic but I felt I would have gotten a resounding NO on that idea..
Wish it would warm up again like before. I leave town in July and I want to experience some 95 degree weather before I go. Got some good paying gigs coming up soon..One in in LI as part of a big festival in June..Jalopy in May..John is putting a book together of old postcards he dug is going to be freaking amazing! Some great stuff. I got a small role in a short film my friend is directing in a few weeks..must hit gym many many times this month!
In between all the anarchy of course..some fun shows and parties coming up plus my damn birthday looms..Age is a state of mind though right? RIGHT? sob! I am old as dirt. I feel good though! Just need that nice sunny weather now..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unrest is in the air..

This spring is shaping up to be quite a strange one already! With Occupy back in the news..and in Union Square..and May Day coming up things are looking like anarchy. Everywhere I turn there is political graffiti, OWS stickers, people protesting some place or another. With the shooting death of the 17 year old causing the Million Hoodie March things feel like they can just bust apart at the seams at any point.
I had some awful drama trying to help a guy that was using opiates and lying about me, to his friends, to his bandmates I am sure..Oxycotin, Morphine..who the hell knows. All I know is I just have to cut off all ties with drug abusers. Never trust a junkie is the truest statement in the world maybe. Lie, deny, then lie some more. Then turn on you for trying to help. Can't people just drink some red wine once a week and be happy? Jeez. It IS Jesus Juice after all!
Here are some pics of some stuff i saw around town..more to come soon..The one that says LIES and in Spanish too is in the elevator of my building. They asked everyone to take out our air conditioners so they can paint the fire escapes then never did it. People were mad apparently!..and poor Stewie in the trash..Anarchy I tell you! Happy Spring All! It is just getting started!