Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello there you young whipper snappers! Aunt Flo may be in town but I am in a good mood. Leaving for the weekend to go play the gig in the flyer in PA with Jerry Zolten of Crumb's Chimpin' the Blues fame. Should be a good time..happy to leave the city for a few days. Why does leaving for a weekend involve the same amount of packing as leaving for the summer? Books, contact lenses, bikini, facial hair remover, tampons, diapers, a human skull, keys, a monkey..two swords..I mean REALLY!
Anyvag, our band website is now up and running again! John spent like two days revamping it while I encouraged him by saying stuff like, "Can't you do this any faster?" and "I look fat in that photo take it down dick!"
So...Here is the new site!


  1. Only two swords?!?! I suppose you'll forego having an evening sword? How gouche!

    Man, I am pissed beyond pissingness (hey, it's a word) that I can't make it up there; aside from the fact that I may go out and commit mayhem if I don't get some time off soon, this would have been the perfect opportunity to see you guys. My body guards were even willing to allow people to come within thirty feet of me this weekend! Do you plan on playing in the south anytime? I mean I know we don't have electricity or indoor plumbing down here, and the food is mostly jerky, pickled eggs and vienna sausages, but we...we...we have?

  2. I am STILL packing! Di I really need 8 dresses for two days? Yes. I do. That would have been fun if you showed up Brett! No plans for south right now..none of the fests booked us..