Monday, April 9, 2012

Mars Bar at Blue and Cream plus a quick Pee Phone update!

Just a quick post before I have to run..besides the Mars Bar film showing this Friday at Anthology Archives..there is also an art opening at that awful store across the street from where Mars used to be before the wrecking ball hit. April 11th from 6-8pm they will be showing photos from Mars Bar to show how down they are with the Bowery. Oh man..I am totally going to blog this! So depressing!
Also, the Pee Phone has now joined the Occupy Movement officially! Plus it loves cheap beer and tapas bars, JUST SO YOU KNOW!!
Mar Bar exhibit news HERE.


  1. Just droppin' in to say....well....HI!
    Looks like you have been having an interesting spring so far. Congrats on all your successes. Jeez, Paris AND Ireland comin' COOL is THAT?!?!?!
    And past pics of your youth are kinda were.....uh....hmmmm.....CUTE! (I'm sorry....don't be offended....just the word that comes to mind). I am surprised that you didn't keep the hairdo :+)))
    And thanks much for your ongoing coverage of OWS. You always seem to bring a wonderfully different view of what's going down.
    Keep up the GREAT work, and keep a smile.....on the dial!
    ENJOY SPRING! See 'ya!

  2. Just droppin' in to say HI!
    Looks like you are havin' an interesting spring so far. And Paris,Italy AND Ireland comin'up this COOL is that?!?!?
    And pics of your youth were stunning. You were.....uh......hmmmm.....CUTE! (Don't hate me for that, just the word that came to mind.) I am surprised you changed your hairdo :+)))
    Interested to know if putting up with Fb is balanced by actually helping your "career" from a musicians' point of view?
    And thanks much for your ongoing coverage of OWS. You always seem to have a fantastic take on what's going down that I don't find anywhere else. (Your vids last summer/fall were the BEST!)
    So THANKS for continuing to continue on. ENJOY SPRING! See 'ya!

    PS = I apologize for ALL the exclamation points, but I'm a Canadian near-geezer who just don't know no better!

  3. Thank ya and thanks for reading!

  4. I'm so excited that I can view a MB exhibit while buying a couple of 220 dollar t-shirts.

  5. Who the hell would buy that?! Yeesh!

  6. I could've guessed that the P.P. would be into tapas bars! I also just knew in my bones that P.P.'s politics would be in line with mine! Don't ever change P.P.!

  7. Hello, Goddess! Thanks for sharing the Blue & Cream even. The "Pee Phone" concept is new to me. Is this a phone booth where guys try to see how high up the wall they can squirt? There should be prizes. You did look scared and quite out of your element there. I love your insights on the NYC experience.
    Peace & Love.
    ~ Tao Chan

  8. I love the pee phone..glad it is still in service