Monday, April 23, 2012

Okay so it's been a while now..Things are pretty good..wish it would be summer again..hard to believe i was in a bathing suit on Mount Booby in the park tanning and now i'm back to a winter coat and scarf. I have a bikini under my coat of course.THAT IS HOW I ROLL! We are revamping our website and have an IndieGoGo campaign..trying to raise money for our new album/CD..john's next comp and his book of old photos. I need to win the lotto dammit! Or find a sugar daddy.
Here are some pics of fun stuff and more OWS stuff and all that..May 1st should be something! Note the name of my server at the diner..They are among us!!!


  1. I always enjoy your photo offerings...I wanted the one about the Koch brothers to say, "The Koch Brothers: undermining democracy one million dollars at a time!" ...I wonder if someone will see that sign about the general strike and say to themselves, "What? I hope the servants don't find out about this!"

    Anyway, I was going to come surprise you (shock?) and come see you guys in Pa. on the 28th (I have friends I wanted to visit in Pa. who only live about an hour away from where you're playing), but, alas, I couldn't get enough time off work (the damn slave drivers!) to make the long trip up there...when will your website be back up?

  2. It is up now! I did all the work on it! All night I just kidding. John did it all while I got drunk and did weird stuff. WINNING!

  3. My god look at all my typos! Eh, hoo carezzz..