Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unrest is in the air..

This spring is shaping up to be quite a strange one already! With Occupy back in the news..and in Union Square..and May Day coming up things are looking like anarchy. Everywhere I turn there is political graffiti, OWS stickers, people protesting some place or another. With the shooting death of the 17 year old causing the Million Hoodie March things feel like they can just bust apart at the seams at any point.
I had some awful drama trying to help a guy that was using opiates and lying about me, to his friends, to his bandmates I am sure..Oxycotin, Morphine..who the hell knows. All I know is I just have to cut off all ties with drug abusers. Never trust a junkie is the truest statement in the world maybe. Lie, deny, then lie some more. Then turn on you for trying to help. Can't people just drink some red wine once a week and be happy? Jeez. It IS Jesus Juice after all!
Here are some pics of some stuff i saw around town..more to come soon..The one that says LIES and in Spanish too is in the elevator of my building. They asked everyone to take out our air conditioners so they can paint the fire escapes then never did it. People were mad apparently!..and poor Stewie in the trash..Anarchy I tell you! Happy Spring All! It is just getting started!

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  1. I'm guessing it's going to be quite a summer; with the political conventions coming up, the growing tensions, the seeming injustices, on and on, everything will be sizzling this summer.