Tuesday, May 29, 2012

92 Degrees out ya freaks!

It is going to be 92 degrees out today and tomorrow and that means I will write this quick post and get the hell outside. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! So I am eating a fake acorn in the first pic. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW, OKAY?
Then it seems like Tompkins Square park is really upping their efforts to control the rat population in there..Now there are several of these weird solar garbages in the park now and I have no idea what the hell they are except that they are really hard to open, rats probably will figure out how before me..and they may possibly be alien robots sent to spy on humanity before they take over our planet.
AnyPuke, I opened one and saw what you see in the bottom pic so i sort of don't think anyone is going to want to be using these things really..

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I feel fat and it's raining.

Actually, I DO feel fat and it IS raining but I am in a good mood anyway. I am hungover as hell though. Thankfully have very little to do today. But i have shit ons to do before I leave for the summer! Finally going to be hot as hell out this week and I intend to make the most of it..since i will be gone for most of July and much of August too i need to cram in my fix of NYC summer craziness all into June. When it's nice I intend to spend any time I have free outside in the park, the beach or running around town. I love summer here..can't wait til it's like 90 degrees and everyone is freaking out..
AnyDooDoo, here are some incredible pictures i took. You had no idea I was this taleneted did you?
My camera is fancy..it's called iPhone. We have the most hideously awesome bass..the huge line that is outside the Big Gay Icecream shop every weekend..they opended up a goldmine there with that place..I bet some others pop up around the city soon.
Then some words of wisdom in a pay phone booth..a pic of how mature I am since I am now 40..and a cat and cat litter cake. Yup, that's a cake!
Everything is going well and I am tying up all loose ends early before this trip...seeling cloths i don't want at beacon's for summer stuff..playing some gigs..bought green contact lenses too..things are pretty damn good. Would like some extra BG work but no calls as of yet..ah well, I guess i will just keep on having fun while broke..which includes drinking vodka, eating sushi and having awesome sex. If I had more money I would do all these things but like three times a day.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Well, birthday was fun and now done! Man, I got so many nice calls and texts and emails and loads of gifts. One didn't come yet..violet contact lenses. Brown eyes are so boring. Now mine shall be purple. Which will make me look either lovely or completely psychotic. Either way it's cool. Inside tonight from crazy drunken fun last night til like 5am...I can't stay indoors at all when it's this nice out. I need to be hungover to stay in. Or get stabbed with a number 2 pencil. Or get bitten by a sloth like creature. Then i will concede defeat and stay in. Have a gig this Saturday as part of the Three day Brooklyn Folk Fest. Should be fun. And another gig at Jalopy next saturday. Then the Crumbs are coming to NYC and that means my life is really kinda nutty for a bit..Aline is my shopping sister and is an energetic ball of fun..and Robert..well just walking down the street with him is an adventure. I am ever surprised by the amount of people who recognize him and freak out. I think I walk by A list celebs every day and don't notice them..except Vincent Gallo who looks like a serial killer.
AnyCrisps, things are very good good and good. Hanging out with awesome friends and just having a good time lately with no drama-rama or negative crazies or crap in my life. Well, the normal amount is allowable but  lately things are just crazy fun and mellow and just all around swell. Looking to be an awesome summer.

Here are some pics of just stuff. Stuff I saw. Stuff I liked. Stuff I took a photo of because I found it amusing. Just..stuff. Yeah. Crazy car..my dumb cat who won't let me watch TV..a lost cat...like I warned you. Stuff. And my parents know what "empties" are. FTW!

Monday, May 14, 2012

I turn 40 tomorrow..or tonight rather. I feel sort of like who gives a fuck then on the other hand I feel like why am I not rich and famous and loved by the whole world and then I remember that that would involve getting off the couch and accomplishing things and that thought alone makes me want to get drunk and be depressed and at least I have my health right? Well, sort of anyway. I probably have some exotic disease that has not been discovered yet like anal sars or herpe headaches or what have you. My life has been crazy and strange..squatting and hopping trains and one adventure after another hitchhiking across the country and causing mayhem for years and years.so much insanity I can't in any way remember it all but it sure has not been a sedate or boring life. I could not live like that.
AnyDeath, these pics sum of my feelings. I have been really spoiled with gifts and love all week and should not complain at all. I have tons of friends who love me and am lucky enough to realize this and still....OLD AGE DEATH HELL HADES HELLFIRE BOTOX DEATH OLD OLD OLD.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Witch Fest and Witch School. Harry Fucking Potter.

It is my birthday soon soon soon and I will be ever so old old old. But i've had a good run and I guess it's time to put me out to pasture..but give me gifts beforehand. LOTS of gifts. A lot. evgrieve.com touched on why no one has seen Biker Bill for a long time today. It's true. I have called him and called him and he has no phone or a new phone..and he has not been seen for months now possibly. I hope he's okay as i really am at a loss on how to get in touch with him or find out any info. I am hoping to run into him on the street or at Three of Cups Bar or somewhere as someone is writing "Biker Bill Lives" around town and it is freaking me out. Death toll is too high lately.

AnyFrack, here are some random pics..I took a few on my trip to go play with Jerry Zolten in PA and I could not resist the old guy reading a comic book at the gym. There is a 10 year old who works out there and I am dying to get his pic. Freaking weird! And it's almost time for WitchFest! You can see how serious the Witch School is by the Harry Potter glasses in the pic. yay!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pot Parade concert in Union Square.

So I did not march on May 5th in the pot rally but I did go by Union Square to see my friends from the Yippie Museum.. John Murdock, Joey Gay and Jon Savoy who were acting as MC's for the concert and speech making about marijuana law reform..some bands played..had a good crowd. Plus, I didn't get a contact high which I was scared of as I don't partake in the wacky weed.. It just makes me paranoid, fat and then paranoid about being so fat. Like a snake biting it's own tail..so any cops reading this be aware that I don't smoke the pot. I don't take the pot. And i don't try to make citizen's arrests on little old ladies anymore so stop talking about it at the 9th precinct. YEAH, I KNOW.
AnyArse. here are a plethora of pics from said event. In no particular order because I AM SO FUCKING STONED RIGHT NOW! Kidding kidding..please don't throw me in the clink. Or the hoosegow. I will never survive in there as I am far too dainty to be someone's bitch. That pic of the wet bread is just something I find funny. Just a bunch of...wet bread...in the rain..it symbolizes the pain in my heart area if I had a heart.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Welp fellow lovers, haters and stalkers..Mayday has come and gone. Being the super healthy being that I am..I got up around 6am to go jogging, worked on my dissertation for a bit, cured cancer and then fed my cats. Okay, I didn't really feed my cats. YOU GOT ME!
I got up like at 1pm and made it to Union Square for the concert thingy going on..ran into dozens and dozens of people I knew.took a fuck ton of videos and pics and then marched to Wall St with my friends Damian, Dave and Mimi. Tried to meet up with others too but phone reception was crappy and my cell eventually died on me. I did get a lot of stuff though sooooo...
AnyWad..here is most of it! And Cinco De Mayo lurks with that huge marijuana march I shall attend as well. I like saying "as well" for some reason. I think it makes me sound smart. More intelligent, as well. HAHAHAHA! I'm so funny right? Right? RIGHT? Alright I will shut it now.
Alos, blogspot has gone and upgraded and I may have uploaded some of the same videos more than once because they messed it all up and i have no idea what I am doing now and I AM UPSET BECAUSE I AM SCARED OF CHANGE!