Thursday, May 24, 2012

I feel fat and it's raining.

Actually, I DO feel fat and it IS raining but I am in a good mood anyway. I am hungover as hell though. Thankfully have very little to do today. But i have shit ons to do before I leave for the summer! Finally going to be hot as hell out this week and I intend to make the most of it..since i will be gone for most of July and much of August too i need to cram in my fix of NYC summer craziness all into June. When it's nice I intend to spend any time I have free outside in the park, the beach or running around town. I love summer here..can't wait til it's like 90 degrees and everyone is freaking out..
AnyDooDoo, here are some incredible pictures i took. You had no idea I was this taleneted did you?
My camera is's called iPhone. We have the most hideously awesome bass..the huge line that is outside the Big Gay Icecream shop every weekend..they opended up a goldmine there with that place..I bet some others pop up around the city soon.
Then some words of wisdom in a pay phone booth..a pic of how mature I am since I am now 40..and a cat and cat litter cake. Yup, that's a cake!
Everything is going well and I am tying up all loose ends early before this trip...seeling cloths i don't want at beacon's for summer stuff..playing some gigs..bought green contact lenses too..things are pretty damn good. Would like some extra BG work but no calls as of yet..ah well, I guess i will just keep on having fun while broke..which includes drinking vodka, eating sushi and having awesome sex. If I had more money I would do all these things but like three times a day.


  1. It's funny, but when ever I've really thought about/eaten ice cream, I've always considered its sexuality as being neutral/asexual, that it was neither homosexual nor heterosexual...but, now that I think about it, ice cream is oh so gay, even Dutch chocolate! The only thing gayer, as a dessert (mind you), is parfait, not that there's any thing wrong with that. In fact, I'm kind of partial to mocha ice cream; and, lately, I have gotten into some of the so-called savory ice creams, like basil-chili ice cream, etc. Not to excess, however, as I do have to watch my girlish figure; I just can't pull off my thong bikini ensemble with an extra bit of tummy, believe you me!

    I noticed a common phenomenon in seeing the photo of you...they say that "owners" begin to look like their pets after some years of living together; it's so true! Their desserts even begin to look like their pets, as well...and, well, one need look no farther than the bottom photo: voila! ...I don't have a cat, but I do have a cat box (you never know), and I've noticed that I've begun to look like my cat box. My desserts even look like my cat box!!!

    P.S.-I'm coming to you this evening from a different location, so you haven't a new stalker; it's just me, the same old stalker! I've been hanging out all day with old friends, wandering various gardens, playing music. Tomorrow, I'm going camping in Shenandoah, and rock climbing! And by "rock climbing," I mean mostly standing around at the bottom and cracking jokes, maybe scaling something that is four or five stories was hell finding some lederhosen that don't make my butt look fat! ...I've almost gotten the yodeling down pretty well, so it should be fun tomorrow...

  2. Haha..I rarely check my tracker. I want people to look at my blog..however on the post "unrest is in the air" the anonymous poster was obviously teh guy I had fought with so i logged t=in and confirmed it. Yup. Jonathan Lichatz. His address and IP and all that comes up. Doesn't was pretty obvious anyway. I assumed he knew as i write back a damn book to him practically but..he's not so bright I guess as he is now doing his weird stalking on fb and liking stuff I write etc..No big deal..everyone is on fb to stalk really..but i just want this freak gone. he went mental on me and now he is liking stuff i write to other people like nothing happened..yeesh. Maybe it got lost in a drug haze for him..and he sees us riding a raonbow of love together as we listen to bruce as ling as i don't see him near me..
    So you are hiking wearing a thong right now? Don't slip on the rocks-thongs are expensive!

  3. Well...we did go climbing in Shenandoah...I, well, you see, the lederhosen shorts are made out of leather, and I sort of fell in a creek and got them all wet, which wasn't all that bad, at first. It was hot, also not bad, especially considering the way the cooling aspects of wearing wet lederhosen added a comforting dimension to the whole experience. But then it was sunny, not the warming, loosen up your bones kind of sunny, mind you, but the bright, intense, blinding, sweltering kind of sunny. And...well, the lederhosen began to shrink; needless to say, there appeared a considerable constricting of certain naturally-occurring, randomly-available extremity which, rather than seeing any protuberance as a potential benefit to be grabbed opportunistically as a kind of primitive tool, providing assistance in giving one the proverbial extra leg up, if you see what I'm saying, it only served to further exacerbate any possible adroit manifestation that could ensure the necessary flexibility in performing to the fullest extent of my capabilities...suffice it to say, I awoke this morning quite sore and depleted, as it were. The good news is that a little nap, some ibuprofen, and I should be back in the saddle for some dinner and music tonight, at least that is the plan...