Thursday, May 10, 2012

Witch Fest and Witch School. Harry Fucking Potter.

It is my birthday soon soon soon and I will be ever so old old old. But i've had a good run and I guess it's time to put me out to pasture..but give me gifts beforehand. LOTS of gifts. A lot. touched on why no one has seen Biker Bill for a long time today. It's true. I have called him and called him and he has no phone or a new phone..and he has not been seen for months now possibly. I hope he's okay as i really am at a loss on how to get in touch with him or find out any info. I am hoping to run into him on the street or at Three of Cups Bar or somewhere as someone is writing "Biker Bill Lives" around town and it is freaking me out. Death toll is too high lately.

AnyFrack, here are some random pics..I took a few on my trip to go play with Jerry Zolten in PA and I could not resist the old guy reading a comic book at the gym. There is a 10 year old who works out there and I am dying to get his pic. Freaking weird! And it's almost time for WitchFest! You can see how serious the Witch School is by the Harry Potter glasses in the pic. yay!


  1. Hey! The "old the gym"!?!?! You know, before I read the bottom portion I was thinking this "old guy" would be about my age! Why, I, you, he.....okay (with head and hands, crying)'s true; it's all true; I'm old and decrepit, and, and...I need a nap, suddenly; I'm so tired...what were we talking about? ...I'd tell you a long, pointless story that doesn't go anywhere about going to the pharmacy to pick up my medication, but I forgot what it was...

    1. Scrote-meal for $.99 and I bet the 10 year old kid is reading Yoga for Dummies or something or maybe Sartre.