Monday, May 7, 2012

Pot Parade concert in Union Square.

So I did not march on May 5th in the pot rally but I did go by Union Square to see my friends from the Yippie Museum.. John Murdock, Joey Gay and Jon Savoy who were acting as MC's for the concert and speech making about marijuana law reform..some bands played..had a good crowd. Plus, I didn't get a contact high which I was scared of as I don't partake in the wacky weed.. It just makes me paranoid, fat and then paranoid about being so fat. Like a snake biting it's own any cops reading this be aware that I don't smoke the pot. I don't take the pot. And i don't try to make citizen's arrests on little old ladies anymore so stop talking about it at the 9th precinct. YEAH, I KNOW.
AnyArse. here are a plethora of pics from said event. In no particular order because I AM SO FUCKING STONED RIGHT NOW! Kidding kidding..please don't throw me in the clink. Or the hoosegow. I will never survive in there as I am far too dainty to be someone's bitch. That pic of the wet bread is just something I find funny. Just a bunch of...wet the symbolizes the pain in my heart area if I had a heart.


  1. Are you trendy??Why do you cover the Pot Parade if you say you don't smoke..Bob Marley had a description..who the cap fit let them wear it

  2. Its trendy to care that friends are in jail doing hard time over smoking an herb? Wow, you have an odd way of looking at the world. You only care about things pertaining to you and that you yourself do? That's kinda depressing. Glad most people aren't like that. And yes, my blog covers events around the city whether I am for them or against them If Phleps and his crew came to protest I would be there with my camera.
    Thanks for reading though! Perhaps you need to look up the meaning of the word "trendy."

  3. I, personally, hate pot, hate it with a passion. I only smoke pot in an effort to impress cool people and give me street credibility. I'm not naturally very cool, so I find I have to smoke morning, noon and night to keep the illusion of coolness going...such machinations, I know, but I just want to be loved, and I will go to great lengths to make people think I'm the cat's pajamas, or Snuggie™®© or something as such that a feline would sleep in if he/she didn't have to keep up appearances. Now, I know it is not illegal to smoke pot, just to possess it; therefore, I go around looking for lit joints in the wild, dangling from tree branches. I make passive attempts to inhale the fumes, or smoke, or whatever it is that emanates from the thing. The whole process is arduous and two-fold: to promote the aforementioned coolness, and to bring me closer to nature, the latter objective not being fully achieved unless I'm completely naked and after sniffing the fecal matter and urine from other species...oh, the things I do to maintain my hip lifestyle...I, too, am paranoid when high, but I'm naturally very paranoid, so there's no appreciable difference.

    ..Speaking of cats, you know what I find most adorable about cat behavior? I'd say guess but I know how jaded you've become about guessing what people find most adorable about cat behavior, so I'll just tell you. You see, people always say how aloof cats are, but it's just a cat act; they really are very interested in what we humans are doing, and they really want to be scent-exchanging buddies who would like nothing better than to be lavished with incessant petting. Until they've finally decided one is okay to approach, they pretend to be disinterested (in an effort to protect their dignity should one reject them). If they think one is not paying attention, they look very interestedly at the prospective friend. If they recognize that one is noticing, they make it seem as if they are doing something else entirely, i.e., "Oh, I'm not the least bit curious, I'm just sniffing the wall, here; it's quite a lovely aroma. I really hardly noticed you and don't care..."

    They worry a lot about being embarrassed, too. I believe embarrassment for them amounts to a CATastrophe of CATaclysmic proportions. It's as if they could crawl under a CATafalque and die! They often keep such feelings pent up, then one day the CATerwauling ensues, ostensibly out of nowhere; it's so cute!

    Anyway, gotta run; my doorbell just rang, and I think it's an assassin trying to kill me, or maybe it's my neighbor (though I still have some conflicting feelings that those two possibilities may not necessarily be mutually exclusive).

  4. Haha Brett..weird comment right? Guess no one should go on the Million Hoodie March either unless they are black. Pretty sure Marley would have been thrilled to see all the non smokers who still believe in causes they no longer partake in..good turnout and fun show. My pals organized it. Don't care for Bob Marley either much actually..

  5. Oh, it's so trendy not to care much for Bob Marley! (I'm kidding, 'cause that's how I roll; besides, it's trendy!)

    Yeah, I thought the comment was kind of weird. I mean anybody who reads your blog knows you are chronicling what goes on around your neighborhood, as it were. I do, however, believe your coverage of the Pee Phone is just prepetratin' to ride the popular wave of promoting safe havens for alcoholic and bulimic vomit lovers. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm into the Pee Phone, but that's just because I live in a Pee Phone and enjoy vomiting/vomit!

    To paraphrase an Andy Warhol quote: nothing is more trendy than being afraid to look trendy!

    Anyway, you have once again crystalized my thoughts. I care about all kinds of things that I am not directly affected by/don't participate in, etc. I'm for gay marriage but I'm not gay and never wish to get married, am against young people getting killed in unnecessary war games even though I'll never be on a battlefield nor do I have children or friends who will ever be on a battlefield. I think cattle should not be raised in feed lots, nor should they be fed hormones, antibiotics, corn, etc., even though I don't eat beef and am not a cow. I hate bigots even though most of my friends love bigots...on and on. I would stand with the Million Hoodie Marchers, but that's because I feel strongly that people should not be discriminated against just because they try to intimidate others with Skittles and iced tea.

    I still smoke weed on occasion, although not very frequently anymore (I really don't like my lack of impulse control with regard to junk food), and especially not around friends because I want to groove on the companionship and not my tendency toward egocentricity when high, but that's me. Besides, I am high on life!!! Come on, ever'body, let's all get together! And a one, and a two now...Up, Up with people they're the best thing in this world, sing it with me...Up, Up with people...

  6. Har! You posting on my blog is so trendy.. EVERYONE posts on blogs now. Stop trying to fit in. Its trendy now to NOT try to fit in.