Thursday, May 17, 2012

Well, birthday was fun and now done! Man, I got so many nice calls and texts and emails and loads of gifts. One didn't come yet..violet contact lenses. Brown eyes are so boring. Now mine shall be purple. Which will make me look either lovely or completely psychotic. Either way it's cool. Inside tonight from crazy drunken fun last night til like 5am...I can't stay indoors at all when it's this nice out. I need to be hungover to stay in. Or get stabbed with a number 2 pencil. Or get bitten by a sloth like creature. Then i will concede defeat and stay in. Have a gig this Saturday as part of the Three day Brooklyn Folk Fest. Should be fun. And another gig at Jalopy next saturday. Then the Crumbs are coming to NYC and that means my life is really kinda nutty for a bit..Aline is my shopping sister and is an energetic ball of fun..and Robert..well just walking down the street with him is an adventure. I am ever surprised by the amount of people who recognize him and freak out. I think I walk by A list celebs every day and don't notice them..except Vincent Gallo who looks like a serial killer.
AnyCrisps, things are very good good and good. Hanging out with awesome friends and just having a good time lately with no drama-rama or negative crazies or crap in my life. Well, the normal amount is allowable but  lately things are just crazy fun and mellow and just all around swell. Looking to be an awesome summer.

Here are some pics of just stuff. Stuff I saw. Stuff I liked. Stuff I took a photo of because I found it amusing. Just..stuff. Yeah. Crazy dumb cat who won't let me watch TV..a lost I warned you. Stuff. And my parents know what "empties" are. FTW!

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  1. The photo of your cat is funny..."look at me, me, me, not the tv, me..."

    So...I had, for some odd reason, the dreidel song stuck in my head all morning!?!?!?! I eventually forgot about it; but, then, in coming to your blog, it came right back! ...Thanks, Eden, thanks a lot!