Friday, May 4, 2012

Welp fellow lovers, haters and stalkers..Mayday has come and gone. Being the super healthy being that I am..I got up around 6am to go jogging, worked on my dissertation for a bit, cured cancer and then fed my cats. Okay, I didn't really feed my cats. YOU GOT ME!
I got up like at 1pm and made it to Union Square for the concert thingy going on..ran into dozens and dozens of people I knew.took a fuck ton of videos and pics and then marched to Wall St with my friends Damian, Dave and Mimi. Tried to meet up with others too but phone reception was crappy and my cell eventually died on me. I did get a lot of stuff though sooooo... is most of it! And Cinco De Mayo lurks with that huge marijuana march I shall attend as well. I like saying "as well" for some reason. I think it makes me sound smart. More intelligent, as well. HAHAHAHA! I'm so funny right? Right? RIGHT? Alright I will shut it now.
Alos, blogspot has gone and upgraded and I may have uploaded some of the same videos more than once because they messed it all up and i have no idea what I am doing now and I AM UPSET BECAUSE I AM SCARED OF CHANGE!

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  1. I like saying, "as well," as well! ...I'm scared of change, as well, especially nickels; they're absolutely evil! And, like all change, they're two-faced!

    P.S.-How was the gig in Pa.?