Monday, June 25, 2012

Some random stuff aliens probably are responsible for.

So so so so so..I leave so so soon! I will be blogging from France and other places here and there I hope! First is a sign by Union Square I forgot I had a pic of..Then the line waiting to get in to see the last Tell Your Friends comedy show at Lolita Bar..We played it and there were great comedians there like Kristen Schaal and Lewis Black who was very nice..I think the show will possibly be once a month now in brooklyn and will have awesome comedy once a month. Onwards and upwards..There's a pic of us playing it under the lovely one of the condom I saw in the grass while sunning at Tompkins. Yay! Public grass sex!
Then some flea market scores I picked up on Ave A and 11th st..JEALOUS?
Plus, I met an awesome person who asked what I would write about them if I mentioned them in this blog so I will write YOU ARE FUNNY AND NEAT-O AND SHINY TOO AND SORRY I WAS SO DRUNK.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aline Crumb and Dominique Sapel's opening at MOCCA.

Well It's been a while but what can I say..Crumbs were here and I lived a life of luxury and pretending to be rich and went shopping every single day and ate sushi every single day. Even went to the damn Bowery Hotel and sat in the garden watching the parade of celebrities walk by..Interesting as we were all both fascinated and appalled. But now I miss them and have a separation anxiety! I think I really have to live in the south of France part time or I will freak out. Maybe one of the many projects and cd's we will have out by the end of this year will turn out to be a hit and we will he rich and able to afford it. A dizzy dame can dream..

So here are some colorful pics from Dominique and Aline's show at MOCCA to promote a film they are working on Anything For Beauty..a mix of people from Sauve and NYC, rich and poor and my damn parents came! My crazy mom is the one with the red hair, blue dress and great rack.

Enjoy! Not much art but many women posing in front of art!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Okay, so I fucking love Joan Rivers so I went to Barnes and Nobel with Aline Crumb and a few of her friends to see her speak and get a signed copy of her book for my mom. I made her write, "Dear Sheila, Get your face done it doesn't hurt!" So that was fun. Here are some pics and videos I took form pretty far back..but I was excited to meet her I turned retarded for a bit. BECAUSE I LOVE JOAN RIVERS.
This new blogger format is killing me and I cant figure it out so i haven't been posting but i have so much crap to upload I have to figure this out or I will go mad! If I can't vent on here to the three people reading..who CAN I vent to? My cat is tired of my rantings and just wants to be fed at this point.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Okay, so there has been an influx and an abundance of lost cat flyers in the neighborhood lately. The on that is super dramatic is in Red Hook..a before and after of the cat that's left being all sad about the one that went missing..I has a webiste about the lost cat on the flyer and may be a joke. I haven't checked it out yet. But around the east village and LES it's one flyer after another of one cat going missing after another. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Soon all of our cats will be in outer space. It's pretty clear to me if they are not here they are in space. SCIENCE.