Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aline Crumb and Dominique Sapel's opening at MOCCA.

Well It's been a while but what can I say..Crumbs were here and I lived a life of luxury and pretending to be rich and went shopping every single day and ate sushi every single day. Even went to the damn Bowery Hotel and sat in the garden watching the parade of celebrities walk by..Interesting as we were all both fascinated and appalled. But now I miss them and have a separation anxiety! I think I really have to live in the south of France part time or I will freak out. Maybe one of the many projects and cd's we will have out by the end of this year will turn out to be a hit and we will he rich and able to afford it. A dizzy dame can dream..

So here are some colorful pics from Dominique and Aline's show at MOCCA to promote a film they are working on Anything For Beauty..a mix of people from Sauve and NYC, rich and poor and my damn parents came! My crazy mom is the one with the red hair, blue dress and great rack.

Enjoy! Not much art but many women posing in front of art!


  1. "My crazy mom..." Okay, so, maybe you don't feel guilty about saying that now, but you will, soon, AND FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!! ...But, seriously, though, looks like a fun night! Did they have cupcakes there? I don't know why, but I just got the urge for a cupcake! Please, tell me they had cupcakes there! Lie if you have to damn it!

    P.S. -Did I ask you if they had cupcakes, there? Preferably yellow cake with mocha icing...I'll bet they did, didn't they?

  2. Of COURSE, Slum Goddess comes from MUM GODDESS...
    ....and you are RICH in Soooooo MANY ways would just complicate things....
    ....and Joan Rivers IS worthy of your of the GREATEST shit-disturbers of ALLLL times....ENJOY!

    1. I'll bet Eden's mom would send cupcakes, wouldn't she!?! Cupcakes are worthy of all our love, don't you think, Dr. Bop?

      P.S.-Preferably yellow cake with mocha icing...and, and dark chocolate sprinkles! ...I wonder what kind of cupcake Joan Rivers loves? ...You know, I was just thinking, what if you crushed up a couple of coffee beans into a powder and sprinkled those on top of the yellow cake cupcakes with mocha icing? ...For an extra jolt...from the cupcake with mocha icing, I mean...Of course one would still need to sprinkle the dark chocolate sprinkles. I didn't mean to imply in lieu of, or anything, but in addition, that sort of thing.