Monday, July 30, 2012

Trip to Marseille with the ladies..

Here are a BUTTLOAD of pics from a trip to Marseille..lotsa fun with the ladies of Sauve and my pal Erin..we have all sorts of shit..the pill pedicures..some kid hitting on Aline..also the view from our balcony in Sauve at night..some weird sculptures at a gallery..a artsy maybe commune type house that was awesome..I dunno..
Recoding with Robert is almost done..just have to do a few of my parts...artwork has been decided on already for cover..have some gigs coming up here and in Dublin for ue fest there..and John and Crumb did 3 hilarious podcasts which will be online soon hopefully..still having a ton of fun and not missing NYC at all yet..i will be back there in exactly 3 weeks though..sounds like a long time but it's going by really quick for me..and we are getting everything that we needed to get done done..and I am tan as hell! I know you were all wondering about that so rest easy friends..

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Super random pics from Sauve fest and Roman Arena and stuff...

Here are some pics of Medieval fest and some at the Crumbs house and a bunch of my friend Erin and I at the roman arena in Nimes which is amazing and at the waterfalls in Ganges and just basically being in a beautiful place having a lot of fun..heading to Marseilles Friday for the weekend and not London where the freaking Olympics is making it horrible there i've heard..

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some pics of Sauve and Ganges area..

Well here are some pics from around the area of Ganges..since I already put up videos of can see there are waterfalls and PONIES! I have been basically practicing with John and Crumb, tanning in my backyard garden, hiking and swimming..and taking a shitload of pics and videos. Today and tomorrow are the Medieval Fete and as this is a medieval village people are going all out..banners hung everywhere..jousting and sword fighting and everyone is my next blog will be all videos and pics of that madness and I bet you simply cannot wait CAN YOU? Plus, my best friend comes in tomorrow night just in time for what I hear are the most amazing fireworks show ever here at around midnight Sunday..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life in Sauve France so far..

Welp..i have been here over a week now and have played at a mansion chateau and last night at a garden party..have a gig with Crumb at a restaurant next week and have just been taking pis and videos and practicing and having friends visit..very mellow and beautiful here and VERY different from NYC to say the least! Here are some videos I took..nothing too exciting but you can se what Sauve looks like and get a feel for a little medieval village in the south of France if you have never seen one..

Monday, July 9, 2012

Off to France and stuff!

No pics but heading to the south of France today at 5pm! We are recording with Crumb out there..finishing our album and playing some gigs in France and a fest in Dublin and probably more..hitting Spain and London with a friend for fun..I will have my laptop and will be taking pics and hopefully still blogging and all that. I love NYC in the summer so I am happy to be leaving. Super excited! And also glad i will be back before the summer ends to enjoy the sweaty NYC summer madness.
Said farewell to Bowery Poetry last night at the Roast of Bowery my friend put on..very funny and sad at the same time. I loved that place. Saw all my friends and bid them bye bye..a few are coming to visit me in France which is awesome..and of course, I love the Crumbs so I am pretty thrilled about this vacation/work summer. In between getting stuff finished I will be drinking wine and traveling with friends and spending half my time at the nude beach! Be back online soon people..happy summertime!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some HaHaHilarious Internet memes!

Here are some HILARIOUS pics that are for facebook or what have you..some of my faves. So silly yet so wonderful! Trying to blog a lot and clean up what is on my desktop before I leave..4 days now!
Banksy movie is playing in the park tonight but I have seen in already..very good. Layer upon layer of fakery. I love Banksy.
Been packing and cleaning up my place every day and also running around in the heat having fun. July 4th was awesome..went from a crazy roof BBQ to a few bars to the Upper West Side somehow..Ah, I will miss NYC and some people like crazy but I expect to have a great many people coming to visit us too...going to be great! So far, France, Spain, Dublin and the UK are on my list..I have a cousin in Amsterdam too I can go see..So excited!
My poor mexican toothless cat will be in shock when I leave for so long..but maybe he will take a liking to my pal who will be living here for two months..She is the same height as me so that has to mean something!