Tuesday, July 3, 2012

6 days and counting..

What a week what a week! I think the world has gone mad..mad I tell you! Got an email from someone that made no sense..they had been exaggerating and making up a bunch of silly stuff for no reason..sort of got caught big time..then emailed me saying they are mad at me but forgive me for saying they lie at times. When the very first line of their email to me was a total lie which I checked first thing. Sent a very mean text to a nice guy for no reason at all because of this damn email..all cleared up now but man..like Chris Crocker would yell..."Leave Eden Alone!" Hee..I didn't bother reading the whole weird email..why bother when the first few lines are a lie? So tired of drama right now.
Very sad about Bowery Poetry "renovating" all summer too..They will not be the same and I hope the open mics find a new home. When I get back from my trip will everything I like be closed? I leave for Europe in 6 days and cannot wait..recording and gigging and adventuring for about 7 weeks..trying to squeeze in all kinds of stuff before i go..I have a feeling this summer will be a great one. And when I return I have all kinds of plans. New job probably..french lessons with a tutor..guitar lessons at jalopy..and possibly some acting lessons if I have the dough. New album will be done in the fall and it's a good time to get serious about stuff. Like winning the mega million. Every time I play I am like, "Who cares if I win? Not me!" But NOW I am DEAD serious about winning and I know I will! Knowing is half the battle!
AnyDuh, here are some pics for you..some graffiti in a bar bathroom..a sticker that is everywhere lately..a poster which proves that being hairy is totally NORMAL!
Also, a woman brought a telescope to the corner of east 3rd and 2nd ave last week so people could look and see Saturn clearly..pretty damn cool! Then some pics of a kid chasing geese at the beach in CT where I have been going once a week for sun and swim. Coney is something I have to be in the mood for and I once saw a rig and a condom floating in the water so I hardly swim there. But the beaches in France and Spain..ahhh! can't wait! Also be hitting London and Dublin for a Uke fest in August..I will have a laptop there and will be taking a ton of pics and blogging still. JUST SO YOU KNOW!


  1. I'm excited just thinking about your trip to Europe; I can't even imagine how YOU must feel! The London/Dublin uke fests sound cool, in particular...you know, I've always wanted to play, "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts," in front of a crowd of Brits--oh, oh, and say, "lick two fingers, duckies!" after the song is over! That would be so cool...we have a lot of Canada geese around here; they leave black, tarry shit everywhere, and it stains the sidewalks. They are also quite stupid and stubborn. We also have swans here. They are mean, mean, mean! They bully other birds, and they'll hiss and can be very aggressive towards humans! People take measures too far, though, I feel, in getting rid of the swans in their neighborhoods. I find, however, that some well-placed sarcasm on my part and the swans will get their feelings hurt and leave. I often won't see them for months after saying something insensitive, say, about their necks (they hate that, in particular)!!!

  2. Swans ARE mean! one tried to kill me in Central Park once! It was coming after me like a terminator! If they don't throw shrimp on the barbie in Dublin I will kill all of them. I don't care if that's Australia.