Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life in Sauve France so far..

Welp..i have been here over a week now and have played at a mansion chateau and last night at a garden party..have a gig with Crumb at a restaurant next week and have just been taking pis and videos and practicing and having friends visit..very mellow and beautiful here and VERY different from NYC to say the least! Here are some videos I took..nothing too exciting but you can se what Sauve looks like and get a feel for a little medieval village in the south of France if you have never seen one..


  1. I've watched the top two videos so far...I have to say, Sauve looks like the kind of place I could live out my days; I like rural places near a fair amount of what I would consider quality cultural activity.

    The male crickets are going nuts! I know they are male crickets because female crickets do not make such noises! (And so ends today's lesson on the natural world!)

    I just noticed what at first I thought were tattoos on the backs of John's arms, but, then, I figured out what they are. I hope I'm not giving anything away but didn't he have to carry a red hot cauldron/hibachi out of the Shoa Lin temple by his elbows when he graduated from Kung Fu school? Hmm? Those are definitely marks of a Shoa Lin priest! Come on, the jig's up, John IS a Kung Fu master and he sings that '70s hit, "Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting"! I know he does, I just know it! "...Those kicks were fast as lightning..." Sing it with me, everybody!

    I'll watch the other videos now...mainly because I'm genuinely interested but partly because I AM very bored and tired and want to do nothing all day, but watch videos, that is!

  2. Okay, I've watched them all...I feel as though I've just gone on a little vacation! ...The cars driving around even sound French!!