Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some HaHaHilarious Internet memes!

Here are some HILARIOUS pics that are for facebook or what have you..some of my faves. So silly yet so wonderful! Trying to blog a lot and clean up what is on my desktop before I leave..4 days now!
Banksy movie is playing in the park tonight but I have seen in already..very good. Layer upon layer of fakery. I love Banksy.
Been packing and cleaning up my place every day and also running around in the heat having fun. July 4th was awesome..went from a crazy roof BBQ to a few bars to the Upper West Side somehow..Ah, I will miss NYC and some people like crazy but I expect to have a great many people coming to visit us too...going to be great! So far, France, Spain, Dublin and the UK are on my list..I have a cousin in Amsterdam too I can go see..So excited!
My poor mexican toothless cat will be in shock when I leave for so long..but maybe he will take a liking to my pal who will be living here for two months..She is the same height as me so that has to mean something!


  1. Mitt poster = CLASSIC!
    .....but I'm juuuust a bit disappointed that you didn't have an online contest to see who would sublet your pad....or a contest to see who would accompany you on your journey as your man(or otherwise)servant/slave/uke technician.....or even a contest to see if you won the lottery contest....
    Pretty obvious to me that this blog needs more CONTESTS!

    And OF COURSE have a bang-up time on the continent....sure hope we see at least a couple posts while you are tripping the light fantastic.....and FALL IN LOVE while your there.....just don't hurt yourself....

  2. I think each and every one of these offerings is deeply racist and sexist, and I am very much offended by the whole lot of them! Of course, I just saw the cat one and said to myself, "wait, back the fuck up, it's a motherfucking cat!" Because of that cool-ass, motherfucking cat, I think I'll do an unprecedented 180o and say, this shit is motherfucking stupid-ass funny!!!

  3. ...I swear, that motherfuckin cat! I mean, look at those eyes; they're all big and shit! ...It's true, you have to admit, women do motherfuckin love cats! Goddamn motherfuckin cats!