Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some pics of Sauve and Ganges area..

Well here are some pics from around the area of Ganges..since I already put up videos of can see there are waterfalls and PONIES! I have been basically practicing with John and Crumb, tanning in my backyard garden, hiking and swimming..and taking a shitload of pics and videos. Today and tomorrow are the Medieval Fete and as this is a medieval village people are going all out..banners hung everywhere..jousting and sword fighting and everyone is my next blog will be all videos and pics of that madness and I bet you simply cannot wait CAN YOU? Plus, my best friend comes in tomorrow night just in time for what I hear are the most amazing fireworks show ever here at around midnight Sunday..


  1. This is so cool! Such a lovely place! One might even hazard using the word idyllic! Of course, you know my near fetish for good stone work; let me put it this way, if viewing good stone work were a drug, I'd be OD'ing right about now! I'm not just talking falling out, I'm talking flat lining, the adrenaline shot to the heart a la Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction style kind of OD'ing! --Oh, and square dancing with a donkey only costs 15 euros?!?! Well, by the sign it says promenading costs 15 much is it if you want to do-si-do with a donkey? Let's face it, there isn't anything I don't like about square dancing! Even if it's with a donkey!

  2. Looks beautiful, enjoy! I love the car, had a Deux Cheveaux myself when I lived In Europe.

  3. Madamoiselle Bee, you seem to be having a GREAT time....BIG smiles DEFINITELY suit you.....keep those vids coming.....sure, not excitement plus, but neat nonetheless.....hope you're looking for love in all the wrong places....bon ton roulette!