Monday, July 30, 2012

Trip to Marseille with the ladies..

Here are a BUTTLOAD of pics from a trip to Marseille..lotsa fun with the ladies of Sauve and my pal Erin..we have all sorts of shit..the pill pedicures..some kid hitting on Aline..also the view from our balcony in Sauve at night..some weird sculptures at a gallery..a artsy maybe commune type house that was awesome..I dunno..
Recoding with Robert is almost done..just have to do a few of my parts...artwork has been decided on already for cover..have some gigs coming up here and in Dublin for ue fest there..and John and Crumb did 3 hilarious podcasts which will be online soon hopefully..still having a ton of fun and not missing NYC at all yet..i will be back there in exactly 3 weeks though..sounds like a long time but it's going by really quick for me..and we are getting everything that we needed to get done done..and I am tan as hell! I know you were all wondering about that so rest easy friends..


  1. Getting pedi-exfoliated by teeny-tiny fishies? ...Do you need to tip them individually? Or do they have a shared tip jar? ...The folksy/artsy house facade (which is a French word by the way, I just don't have a dangly dealy on my keyboard to put on that C, a bouncy C) is intriguing; back in my LSD days, I would have stared at that until my retinas burned out-no, wait, that was Art Linkletter's daughter. Oops, Sorry. Too soon?

    Anyhooo, thanks for telling us about your tan; I musta had insomnia for week wondering about that! I, personally, try to stay out of the sun; but, in my younger days, I not only had a tan, I had an orangutan! -Jingles says hi!

    P.S.-Sorry about the cheesy orangutan was Jingles's idea!

  2. PHEW.....thank GAWD that the tan issue has been put to rest. I will inform the troops, and we'll keep marchin' to Rome. Which reminds me, weren't you going to head to Italy for a bit? Hope that's still part of the plan, especially mixin' it in with a quick Ireland gander......ALWAYS a great mash-up of cultures, those two together.
    HA-HA....Erin looks like she is searching for that EXACT phrase to tell this sucka to GET LOST.
    And, HEY, you are REALLY startin' to take some EXCELLENT pics! Just ANOTHER facet of this heavenly creature (or wacky chick....your choice) we call Slum Goddess.
    Keep on SMILIN' sistah!

  3. Thanks guys! I think having John talking constantly about how shots are set up and use of light etc has made me better at taking pics. Videos too. I can hold my arm straight way longer than him to tape stuff now.
    Italy is a no go..was thinking London but its the damn Olympics and person I was going to maye meet there turned out to be totally insane with fake modeling shoots lined up there etc. kinda funny but no London for me with sports there!

  4. If weather is nice, Ireland will knock you out......but WATCH OUT for that Bono guy.....just lost a TON of money on Facefuck stock, and hear he is TEARIN' around the city, racing madly off in all directions......and don't know if you like the REAL dark beer that's like drinking dinner, but try a Guiness on tap.....supposed to go down REAL samooooth and velvety.....CHEERS!

  5. I thought Sonny Bono died in a skiing accident? Figures...he just went to Ireland, instead!